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Product Color Swatches 1.1.0. More Covincing… More User-Friendly…

Product Color Swatches is one of those extensions, which make the process of selecting a product in your store much easier for customers.

The Product Color Swatches Magento ExtensionIt replaces native Magento attribute options with image swatches and makes the shopping process more conscious and justified.

In our efforts to further improve the module’s capabilities we have implemented several new functionality refinements and pleased to present you the new version of this valuable extension.

Features of the Current Update

Product Images as Swatches
If a product processed by this extension contains only one attribute, you can display product images of child simple products as swatches for this very attribute.

Child Product Images as Swatches. * Click the image to switch to the Frontend

Backend UX Improvements
Possibly, the most exciting improvement delivered by this update is the backend UX renovation. It contains several significant enhancements, which facilitate the ways to load swatch images and assign them to certain product attributes.

From now on, you can upload multiple pictures simultaneously to the right section of the Images area without any page reloads. You can also track the upload progress and get the status of uploaded images at the end of loading.

Note the Functionality: You can also drag images from your standard file manager to the right section of the Images area, which also starts the loading process.

In order to assign images to certain attribute options just drag them from the right section to the necessary empty cell of the main Images area. If you want to replace a swatch, just put the new picture over the existing one.

Images Area

Images Area

If necessary, you can remove an image from the main working area. For that, you should just hover the cursor over it and click the Trash Bin icon.

All changes will take effect after you save the attribute.

Display Swatches on Category Pages
Since the current versions of the extension product swatches are available on category pages. This enhancement makes its own contribution to the overall frontend usability and allows customers to use product swatches functionality on category pages without visiting products.

Ease the Problem of Choice with Product Color Swatches Magento Extension

What color is preferable: green or red, orange or black? What material is the most appropriate for this or that item? Tastes differ, and customers face the problem of choice each time they buy a configurable product. Merchants need to give them a hand in solving this dilemma.

Product Color Swatches

With the Product Color Swatches Magento extension, creation of configurable products becomes as easy as pie. Picture swatches added by a store administrator show visitors what variations for each product attribute are available. All they need is hover the mouse over these swatches to see how the item looks in the chosen color, material, size, etc.