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Product Questions 2.1: The Question of Usability

Educated customers are always wise customers and that is usually the thing each honest seller needs.

Product Questions 2.1

Still, much depends on you when it comes to raising the knowledge level of buyers. Especially that customers love to learn as it directly influences their shopping satisfaction and security.

Note: 42% of online shoppers said they had contacted a retailer about an online purchase in the last 6 months.

Many customers have certain questions regarding their purchases before they complete the order. So, provide them the opportunity to get the answers directly on the product page and prevent purchase delays.

Your store is the easiest way and the most accessible channel of communication with customers. You can certainly organize the process in many ways, but the Product Questions extension is certainly great for Magento shops.

Using this module you obtain both the possibility to put relevant information about your products and services in front of customers and receive their feedback. This bilateral communication is very important since it allows customers to feel a live connection, while you get valuable data about customers’ needs and preferences.

The Product Question extension makes the process of providing information and communication with customers beneficial for both sides:

Features for Customers

  • Enables customers to ask questions;
  • Creates the questions bank and keeps all questions and answers on product pages;
  • Allows customers to share their experience and answer questions from other visitors;
  • Allows customers to track statuses of their questions and get answers in the My Account area.

Questions on Product Pages

Questions on Product Pages

Features for You

  • Allows you to answer questions from the backend;
  • Allows you to create new questions;
  • Enables you to assign questions to different products;
  • Allows you to notify customers about new questions;
  • Provides you with the opportunity to invite customers to answer questions.

And it’s just a short list of available features provided by Product Questions.

New Features

The latest version brings yet more functionality to the extension and enables you to further improve the look and feel of your product questions.

The Product Questions Module Leaves No Unanswered Questions

The aheadWorks store contains numerous high-quality Magento extensions and themes, and sometimes it’s easy to get confused with all this variety of products.

In this case, we suggest you to refer to our blog, where you can get comprehensive information about the module you are interested in.

For easy browsing each product page in our store contains the “Docs & Articles” tab, where you can find all blog articles related to a particular product.

This time, the Product Questions extension is in focus; and in this post we’ll revise the features of the extension and benefits you can get with this great Magento module.

Product Questions

The Product Questions extension for MagentoGeneral Description

This extension allows customers to ask questions directly on the product pages, meanwhile Magento admins can answer them on their own or ask other customers share their experience about the product. The questions and answers appear together on the same page below the product description.

Why is it important?

This module makes you store more customer oriented and improves the overall quality of the provided customer service, which is greatly important for every online store. See the infographics below.

So, customers want to get their questions answered quickly and you can provide them this very opportunity. Product Questions extension allows you to avoid customers dissatisfaction and make their experience on your site more comprehensive.

Product Questions 2.0 Acquires The New ‘Ask Customers’ Functionality

The Product Questions Magento extensionThe Product Questions extension saves time and prevents you from repeated answers to the same questions. Since customers are able to answer product questions, the module generates unique and useful content and arranges a close-knit community around your brand.

Product Questions v.2.0 takes your abilities to the next level with numerous powerful features and improvements.

New Features

“Product Questions” tab
Since the 2.0 version customers get an opportunity to browse and manage their questions and answers. The new ‘Product Questions’ tab, added to the ‘My Account’ area, displays customer’s questions and answers in an informative and easily readable format.

The "Product Questions" tab

The “Product Questions” tab

Frontend product page re-design
The product questions block on product pages has obtained significant improvements. The new format provides only a list of questions, while answers can be expanded by clicking on the arrow or question title.

Some Tips For Efficient Use Of The Product Questions Extension

Editor’s note: Prospects usually have a lot of questions about your products. They can be related to functionality, quality, price or other characteristics of the product. Answering questions about your products is the shortest way to persuade visitors to make a purchase.  Furthermore, answers to product questions solve other numerous tasks valuable both for customers and merchants.

Informational support
Online shopping has one particular feature: online customers can not touch an item and try to fill this gap by getting comprehensive information about products. Those merchants who do not provide it can’t hope for loyal attitude.

Communication is valuable in itself for some customers as it is an integral part of their purchasing pattern. Other customers just want to be sure that there is someone on the other side providing advice, technical support or refund.

The Product Questions Magento extension provides customers with all this valuable information. It can also give merchants valuable data about their customers and has several effective SEO-oriented features.

Interact with Customers through Answering Questions!

Encourage your customers to interact with you and use a professional approach to handle their product-related questions with the Product Questions extension.

Product Questions
Learn More

Ask-and-answer tool is very important for e-commerce. A customer who submits a question is already engaged, so all you need is just to give an answer they want in a timely fashion.

According to information from some on-line retailers, products with such tool have a 30% higher conversion rate than other products.

With the Product Questions Magento module, customers can ask questions and receive answers directly on the product page. This adds value to your Magento webstore, as the content is driven by customers, not just by you.

Today we are glad to release Product Questions v.1.5 enhanced with great new features!

Use standard Magento widget functionality to display the latest answered questions block in your store. Place it on any page of your store and specify the number of displayed questions.

Latest questions widget

Besides, with Product Questions v.1.5 you can add and answer any questions from the backend.

Visit the Product Questions page to see a demo version of this Magento extension and download the updated User Guide.

3 Ways to Make Your Clients Stay with You

More than 7 out of 10 internet users are online buyers, and the number is growing. Having a popular website means that you would enter the largest world market reaching potentially billions of homes and businesses. But every day hundreds of e-stores are created all over the world.

With the abundance of online shops, it’s difficult to make out an individual. To withstand severe competition and allure customers to stay with you, your e-store should stand out from the crowd and offer as many opportunities for its clients as possible.

Below you will find 3 tips how to make your clients stay with you and not sneak away to your competitor.

Listen to Your Customers, Show Interest in Their Opinion

Advanced Reviews
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Customer reviews play an important role in inducing clients to make a purchase. The Advanced Reviews Magento extension encourages customers to submit their reviews and makes the process extremely easy.

With this Magento module, clients can leave feedback right on the product page. Additional exciting features make the opportunity even more attractive.

Today we are glad to present Advanced Reviews v. 2.2.1 with the following bugs fixed:

  • fatal error on following link to disabled or not existing products instead of redirecting to 404
  • blank page after submitting review
  • incorrect work with URLs without ‘.’
  • short tag in template
  • incorrect Magento Admin page title in backend

Learn more about the Advanced Reviews extension for Magento on the product page.

The Product Questions module makes your site popular and keeps the users informed. With this Magento extension, customers can ask questions and receive answers directly on the product page.

Product Questions is a perfect solution for encouraging your website visitors to interact with you and find out more about your products.

Product Questions v. 1.4.4 is being released today. The following bugs have been fixed in the new version of the module:

  • “question_author_name_field” filled with customer name only
  • GMT time in backend
  • changing status in “Product questions” grid doesn’t work
  • 3 lost images (‘sorting arrows’) added for Magento EE
  • question page in backend has no title
  • incorrect mail headers in Magento CE

Get more information on the product page of the Product Questions extension.

Product Questions
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Increase Your Converted Traffic from Watchers to Buyers

If you want to increase search engine traffic and attract more visitors to your Magento store, it’s really important to make your website informative and content-rich. The site should contain plenty of useful information, while your content should be authentic and unique.

The Product Questions and Knowledge Base Magento extensions from aheadWorks are helpful in achieving these goals. They make your site popular and successful among the target customers and keep the users informed and pleased at the same time.

Give your Store Rich Look and Feel by Customer Generated Content

Weekend Promo

According to the poll held on the aheadWorks Facebook page the most asked-for extension this week is Product Questions.

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Updated Extensions

Product Questions

Encourage your customers to interact with you and use a professional approach to handle their product-related questions with the Product Questions extension.

Today we’d like to release version 1.4.2 with the following new features:

  • Product Questions tab is added on the Product Information page
  • ‘Back to the product page’ link is added on the product questions page

The following bugs have been fixed in Product Questions v.1.4.2:

  • ‘Do you find this question helpful? Yes/No’ string is visible if a customer voted
  • Broken ‘Sign up’ and ‘Login’ links on the Product Questions page
  • Missing strings to FR and DE locale are added
  • Incorrect link to admin area in notifications
  • Incorrect Reply-To in notifications repaired
  • Date time in PQ backend grid depends on interface locale

Try the extension demo on the Product Questions Magento extension page.

Two more minor updates – Video Testimonials 1.0.2 and Product Questions 1.4.1!

Let’s start the first week of May with minor updates of two Magento extensions from aheadWorks:

Video Testimonials v.1.0.2

With the Video Testimonials extension both you and your customers can easily upload video from your computer or YouTube exactly on the product page. Provide your store with additional video and audio information – product demonstrations, services supplied, sales promotions etc., and let your customers share their impressions of the items bought!

Some bugs have been fixed in Magento Video Testimonials v.1.0.2:

  • Success message when uploading YouTube video forbidden for sharing
  • Incorrect video uploading date in frontend
  • Minor bugfixes

Find more information on the Magento Video Testimonials page.

Magento Product Questions v.1.4.1

The Product Questions Magento extension lets your potential customers ask you product-related questions on the product page itself. Answer them right there – and resolve their doubts.

In the 1.4.1 version of Magento Product Questions, the store_name variable has been improved and the following bugs have been fixed:

  • Advanced Newsletter v.2.0.2 and above integration
  • Incorrect RSS structure
  • SEO-friendly URLs
  • Wrong text format in admin template

Please learn more on the Product Questions page.

Magento Product Questions

Discuss your products with your prospects… and sell more!

A prospect with questions is a much better bet than an indifferent prospect. Questions are a sign that people not only have some interest in your product but also that they need an assurance that the product can fulfill their needs. With the Product Questions Magento module from aheadWorks Co. you can encourage your website visitors to interact with you to find out more about your product, thus increasing your sales conversion rate.

Today we released the 1.4 version of Product Questions which makes the extension’s work yet more stable as the following bugs have been fixed:

  • Wrong Advanced Newsletter segments fetching
  • Incorrect email address in the “Reply to” field
  • Wrong backend URL if “Add Store Code to URLs” is enabled
  • Mistakes in translation file
  • Impossible sorting of replied questions in grid
  • Wrong number of questions to display
  • Invalid transactional email code
  • Incorrect links in RSS feed if “URL rewrites” is enabled

You can find the complete information about this Magento extension – the module description, the screenshots, the frontend demo, the user guide, and the video guide – on the Product Questions page.

Product Questions 1.3.2 makes your website more SEO friendly!

SEO is the ongoing process of structuring web pages so that they are found, read, and indexed by various search engines in the most effective manner possible. The better optimized the page is, the higher ranking it will obtain in major search engine results. To be on the first pages and, thereby, get the highest traffic – isn’t that you are aiming at?

URL rewriting is one of the ways how you can optimize your site for search engines. As you know, the feature of SEO-friendly URLs has been already implemented in our Product Questions v.1.3, but it was greatly improved in the just released minor version.


Product Questions Configuration


Now, if you enable the URL rewrite option, the “-question” will be added to the product page link, e.g. http:// It looks more friendly for search engines and memorable for your store visitors, isn’t it?

You can look how this new option works in our demo on the Product Questions page.

First-rate customer service is vital for any business

Proper customer service is the very thing that oils the wheels of your business. While maintaining first-class consumer support you are keeping customers – that is much easier, cheaper and more efficient than obtaining and attracting new clientele. Your customers should feel that you are doing everything possible to resolve their doubts and troubles. If it is so – you have won their loyalty.

aheadWorks development team provides you with a perfect opportunity to take your support service to the highest level with the help of a powerful set of three independent extensions – Help Desk Ultimate, Product Questions and Knowledge Base.

Help Desk Ultimate is a turnkey solution that enriches and refines the process of resolving your customers’ problems. It is easy-to-use system of tickets managing. You can create unlimited number of tickets and edit them from admin panel, link tickets with orders, reassign ticket to other department or lock it so no other department could edit it.

As for the already well-proven Product Questions extension that works with customers’ questions on your store items, it can be integrated with Help Desk Ultimate. The questions are automatically converted into Help Desk tickets and then administrator deals with a properly ranked and arranged list of issues. This greatly facilitates the process of customer care and support management and provides you with an ability to differentiate the hottest topics and afterwards, for example, clarify all the points in the form of a Frequently Asked Questions page.

The perfect assistant in creating FAQs is the Knowledge Base extension. It implicates the usage of the knowledge base to grasp all the information on most popular points, create articles, group them in categories and display on the Frequently Asked Questions page.

Customers should know that they are not left face to face with their problems. Provide first-rate customer service and you would be amazed how thankful satisfied customers are – they will surely prove their appreciation coming back to your store over and over again.

“Product Questions” Video Guide

aheadWorks is a dynamic and high-growth company providing its clients with business solutions and products in the area of Magento platform development. And it is the care for our customers that is one of our primary aims.

So in order to provide your business improvement, ensure your competence in the sphere of site-management awareness and to assure you in diversified beneficial nature of aheadWorks extensions we always strive to facilitate the usage of our Magento modules.

Alongside with various backing stuff such as user guides, demos, screenshots, changelogs and other information we have been pondering over the issue of what additional supporting material to provide you with.

And now we are glad to announce that our efforts in the field of customers’ care and assistance resulted in the release of the “Product Questions” Video Guide.

Don’t know how to use the Product Questions extension? Doubt if it is necessary for your business? Eager to see how it works before purchasing the module? Just have a close look at our new Video Guide in order to avoid any uncertainty!

This video manual focuses on the main extension settings, captures your attention on how to ask a question and answer it. We grasped all the key matters together and did our best to clarify the essence of the issues with the help of narration and video guidance. Our brand new supporting tool will save your time while dealing with the Product Questions extension.

Watch the “Product Questions” Video Guide on the extension page!

Product Questions has become more flexible!

Product Questions has become even more feature-rich extension than before. A bulk of new options considerably broaden the software functionality – now you can allow or forbid guests to ask questions and vote helpfulness, limit the number of questions displayed on the Product Page, send auto-responding notifications to customers and much more!

The latest version of the Product Questions extension offers the following new features:

For you

SEO-friendly URLs
Improve your website’s search results ranking with the Product Questions extension!

Disable “Ask a question” form for guests
Don’t want guests to ask questions about your products? Disable this option from admin panel and define a message asking unregistered customers for example to log in or create an account (links are available in the message).

New pre-defined variables for email template
The range of pre-defined variables has been considerably increased – now you can define more objects for email template.

Parse URLs into links when admin replies
The new version of this aheadWorks extension allows you to use in your replies not only URLs but parse them into links as well.

Spam protection
Simple spam protection can secure you from losing time on unwanted messages processing.

Disable helpfulness rating for guests
Product Questions allows you to enable/disable the opportunity of voting question helpfulness for guests.

Limit the number of questions on the Product Page
Show last X questions when displaying Product Questions block on Product page.

Send auto-responding notifications to customers
Immediately provide necessary information to your customers or let them know that you will get back to them at preset time intervals. Anyhow auto-responder option reduces your time and heightens customers’ loyalty.

Multistore support
You can find out from which store the question has been asked.

Magento v. compatibility
The extension is now officially compatible with Magento

For your customers

RSS feed
Allow your customers to subscribe to a feed and always be in the swim

Question sorting by date and helpfulness
Convenient sorting allows visitors to display the latest or less helpful product questions.

Ability to get subscribed to newsletter from the “Ask a question” form
The Product Questions extension lets your customers to get subscribed to a newsletter directly from the “Ask a question” form – just specify whether it will be standard Magento newsletter or the Advanced Newsletter extension by aheadWorks.

The following bugs have been fixed in Product Questions v.1.3:

  • Short tags in templates
  • ‘aw_’ prefix added to table name
  • Module disabling from backend fix
  • Minor changes

Please find more information on the Product Questions page.