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7 Reasons to Make your Magento Site a PWA

Progressive web apps are a developing technology, and with Apple now supporting them in the latest iOS update, their time has come.

7 Reasons to Make your Magento Site a PWA

Transform your Magento website and store into a seamless mobile experience and gain a range of benefits!

What is a Progressive Web App?

Historically, for the most part, websites and apps were two very different beasts requiring duplication of effort (across iOS, Android, and other platforms) and creating competing ways to sell to customers.

Now, fortunately, web coding has caught up with smartphones. Progressive web apps (PWA’s) help your website become the app simplifying the workload for your business.

When accessed, the website creates an app icon (just like a shortcut) on the user’s device taking them straight to the site. It offers the benefits of update alerts always being current and secure by default with HTTPS and transport layer security, and much more.

1. Follow the Trend to Mobile

A growing percentage of users now do their shopping on a mobile device over a desktop website.

Research suggests over 27% will do so in 2018! That figure goes up as the age-range goes down, and mobile devices dominate internet browsing time.

Basically, your audience is going mobile, and you need to follow them. By updating your Magento 2 website to a PWA, you will do this efficiently and save on the cost of app development and subsequent maintenance and updates.

Progressive Web Apps: Why Online Businesses Should Use Them?

The term “Progressive Web App (PWA)” relates to web applications that use the latest web technologies to improve user experience.

Progressive Web Apps: Why Online Businesses Should Use Them?

In many aspects, PWAs resemble traditional mobile applications. However, in reality, they are usual web pages and websites displayed by browsers but mimicking mobile UI and UX.

In this article, we will describe the major peculiarities of PWAs to find out why their use is useful for the e-commerce domain and consider several use cases related to these apps. So, let’s start.

PWA Benefits for E-commerce Business

PWAs introduce a brand new way to create better frontend and an enhanced user experience. Using the well-known methods like HTML, CSS, and JavaScript developers are able to create advanced interfaces and, in general, convert any website with API in PWA adding service workers and manifest.json to it.

Convenient Architecture

Though each PWA is programmed in its own way, developers are more inclined to use the existing frameworks when creating those apps. In most cases, PWAs look like traditional mobile applications or websites so that users can comfortably work with them in the familiar environment.

And vice versa, even if a PWA looks like something completely different to the traditional web or mobile solutions, it can be seamlessly integrated with the existing mobile app or website structure.

As in the case with any online service, users can access PWAs by entering URLs, and those apps are indexed in Google, Yahoo, and other search engines. This fact undoubtedly plays in favor of PWAs especially when comparing them with traditional mobile apps that cannot be indexed by search engines.