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Top 3 Cross-Selling Scenarios in Magento 2 eCommerce

Learn from the use cases of Aheadworks Add Free Product To Cart extension for Magento 2 to effectively convert advanced cross-selling scenarios.

Magento 2 Cross-Selling Scenarios - Use Cases of Add Free Products to Cart extension

The Add Free Product to Cart extension by Aheadworks facilitates powerful cross-selling scenarios for Magento 2 stores. It helps online merchants build rule-governed promos which suggest customers free or discounted products in response to their topping-up the Cart. Such scenarios are meant to increase both customer retention and average order value. It is time we show some real-life use-cases of Add Free Product to Cart and expand on the scenarios in use by the extension, namely:

  • Buy X Get Y
  • Spend $X get Y
  • Coupon

Use Case 1: Buy X Get Y

We want to be able to do the following:

  • offer customers the Y Product(s) with a discount should the X Product(s) be added to Cart
  • decide how often the scenario is to respond: first, every or every Nth time the condition is met
  • condition scenarios against the multiple attributes of the X Product(s)
  • condition scenarios against X Products subselection


Although part of the native Magento 2 Cart Price Rules, the Buy X Get Y cross-selling scenario receives further functionality in Aheadworks M2 Add Free Product to Cart. The extension allows creating explicit rules for the promo. This involves conditioning the scenario against the many product attributes and setting the frequency of response to the condition. Merchants are able to select the Y Product(s) and indicate how many of them customers can add to Cart within one offer. Moreover, the extension enforces this scenario with advanced configuration of the promo look. This is essential to make a Buy X Get Y offer clear, attractive and informative – customer-centered, in fact.


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