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3 Ways to Increase Customer Loyalty

Each retailer would certainly like to retain customers and keep them happy with his brand as long as possible.

Today marketers have a chance to use multiple ways and approaches to implement this willing into life, but among those innovative and sometimes extraordinary methods we should not forget about traditional loyalty and reward programs.


These programs are usually closer to customers as they mostly offer discounts and other tangible benefits useful for all customer categories.

Loyalty Programs

Loyalty programs are effective and profitable for most merchants.

Retailers with a loyalty program, on average, are 88% more profitable than competitors who do not.” Source: Deloitte Research study: “Serving the Networked Customer.”

Today most retailers combine the pure idea of reward points with the multi-level membership granting customers special benefits, including better prices and discounts, exclusive offers and other special terms.

Searching for successful examples of effective loyalty programs used by some outstanding companies we stumbled upon a fashionable makeup boutique established by Petra Strand – Pixi by Petra.

Its Reward Policy is simple enough to be taken and appreciated at seconds and pretty beneficial to be involved to. It has tree levels depending on the number of customer orders, which provide 2, 3, or 5 points (pixi dust) for each spent $ accordingly. So it’s just simple and obviously beneficial. Great!

Referral Program – an Effective Tool to Attract New Customers

Referral programs have been known for a long time, but still prove their effectiveness and value.

The word of mouth promotions was originally tried out offline, perhaps, centuries ago, but with the advent of Internet online retailers started using it as a sales promotion tool.

Why Referral Programs?

Almost all shoppers highly appreciate trustworthy advice and expert opinion regarding multiple available products and services.

Recent studies revealed that word of mouth promotions have from 3 to 5 times higher conversion rate than other marketing channels (Source: Extole). According to Nielsen Global Trust in Advertising Report, 2013, 83% of people worldwide trust in recommendations from people they know, and all these 83% take some product related actions, in order to read a review, or supervise its features, or just purchase it. So, referred prospectives are loyal and active participants of the pre-sale process and can be more easily converted into real customers.

65% of new business comes from referrals, New York Times

Before starting a referral program you should plan and implement several obligatory steps.

Offer Your Referrers Worthy Rewards
The first thing to consider while starting a referral program is to find out truly effective incentives, which are able to foster your brand advocates recommend your products.

In fact, only a few customers are able to become your referrers and the reward you offer is to be closely related to their needs. Or you may appeal to your partners or even employees asking them widely recommend your products and, in this case, the prize is going to be a bit different. Moreover, sometimes non-cash intensives may be even more attractive than discounts or reward points.

Note: According to The university of Chicago research, non-cash incentives are 24% more effective at boosting performance than cash incentives.

Actually, possible options are almost endless, so you should pick up some ones, which sound really appealing and test them on buyers.

Top 10 aheadWorks Bestselling Extensions of 2013

Editor’s note: 2014 is here, and at the beginning of each year we are used to sum up the results of the previous year and make plans for the future. Today we highlight the most successful aheadWorks extensions of 2013 and give you their following characteristics: MC star rating, number of reviews, and updates frequency.

Magento Follow Up Email extension

Follow Up Email

  • Magento Connect star rating: 4.6 (4.6/5)
  • Reviews: 95 (44 in 2013)
  • Version: 3.5.8 (ver. 3.5.2 – 3.5.8 released in 2013)

New features added in 2013:

+ SKU limit of 255 characters was eliminated;
+ Option to disable triggering of duplicate events;
+ Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) locale added;
+ Abandoned cart emails can contain cross sells block.

Useful Solutions to Prevent Cart Abandonment

Editor’s note: Cart abandonment is one of the most disturbing problems for online merchants and the most complex one. Its solution is based on numerous practical experiments and at the same time requires substantive analysis and statistics to be successfully resolved. In this article we’ll highlight some modules you can use to reduce cart abandonment in Magento-based stores.

Abandonment rate constantly increases. The aggregated data from several sources shows the following trend:

Abandonment Rate
Source: Baymard Institute

As you see, for seven years abandonment rate increased by 11.47% and seems to continue growing. Average abandonment rate really disappoints when you get the insight that customers abandon nearly four of the five shopping carts.

According to statistics customers mostly abandon their carts due to price issues (see the diagram above). Almost all of these issues are aside from the particular ecommerce software functionality and depend on specific pricing policy of every single online store.

However, aheadWorks offers some effective solutions for Magento-based stores which will mitigate customers’ perception of price and prevent them from abandonment.

Update Refer a Friend to v.2.1 and Limit Rule Triggering

Refer a Friend is considered to be the most powerful referral system for Magento. Its mechanism is quite simple – existing consumers invite friends and get % or flat rate discount for referrals. The amount of rewards is specified by store administrator.

Refer a Friend

Refer a Friend is an efficient tool for conversion of customers into partners. Encouraged by attractive discounts clients attract all possible friends and relatives to join the store community. As a result consumers save money, store owners get more clients who are also eager to get discounts for referred people. This process can become endless and cause a stable revenue growth.

Boost the Effectiveness of One Step Checkout with 7 Magento Extensions

Recently we have released the One Step Checkout Magento extension. As you have probably guessed (or know), this must-have module reduces the number of checkout steps and allows customers to buy products in one simple click.

Besides a lot of cool features, One Step Checkout has one more great advantage – it is compatible with 7 aheadWorks extensions for Magento! Together they make shopping in your store much easier and faster for customers. Keep reading to learn all the details!

AJAX Cart Pro

Everybody knows how cross-sells and up-sells can boost sales. The Checkout page is a great possibility to stimulate your customers to spend more. The One Step Checkout extension doesn’t remove the related products block, so your customers can always add something else to cart until they click the Place Order button.

Nevertheless, there is one important “but” – interested in related product, customers leave the checkout page and can never come back! They can be distracted by various product options or change their mind, or… anything else can prevent them from completing the order. It means that all your efforts to reduce the number of abandoned carts are in vain!

The AJAX Cart Pro extension from aheadWorks can rescue you and your business in these situations. No annoying redirections, no distracting moves. With AJAX Cart Pro installed, your customers can add related products to cart and select all required options directly on the checkout page.

One Step Checkout + AJAX Cart Pr

Increase Your Customers Base with Refer a Friend v. 2.0

All people have friends. Two, three… or even more than one hundred. They go throughout the whole life together: help each other, communicate, share ideas and experience, visit football matches, work and go shopping… How can on-line store merchants get profit from this?

The answer is the Refer a Friend Magento extension by aheadWorks. This smart piece of software enables your customers to invite their friends to your store. As a result, the customers who referred a certain number of friends get % or flat rate discount and you gain more clients and more benefit. This ‘must-have’ plugin helps customers promote your on-line store for you!

Today we are glad to bring to your attention the release of the Refer a Friend extension version 2.0. The module became even more stable than ever to meet any store owner needs. From now on you can create a new rule, discount or transaction faster and easier than before.

Business from a Snowball’s Perspective

Refer a Friend

Learn More
If you have ever watched a snowball roll down, then you know that the power of mass and speed can become unstoppable. Your network business can become like a snowball if you use Refer a Friend Magento extension.

With this extension you can easily enable your customers to refer friends to your store. In return, reward the referrers with percentage or flat discounts.

Today we’d like to present you the updated Refer a Friend extension version 1.4.3 that will help store owners benefit from viral advertising.

The following bugs have been fixed in Refer a Friend v.1.4.3:

  • ‘Per customer’ rule does not work
  • Incorrect title in edit rule menu
  • Fatal error during installation
  • Incorrect discount calculation if there are two rules related to signups quantity
  • ‘Per order trigger limit’ option is visible for rules related to signups quantity

Learn more about all extension features or run the extension demo on the Refer a Friend page.

Give discounts to the invited customers with Refer a Friend v. 1.4

Improve your sales enabling your customers to refer friends to your store. In return, reward the referrers with percentage or flat discounts. Get the expanded and greatly improved Refer a Friend Magento extension v. 1.4 to benefit from a viral advertising.

With a bunch of great improvements implemented recently, there are more reasons for the Refer a Friend Magento module to be a ‘must-have’ plugin.

New Features:

  • Give a bonus to the invited customer
    Now you can reward not only the referrer, but give discounts to the customer who makes a purchase after being invited by another customer, or for any other activity on your website.

Refer a Friend 1.3.3 – now with referral’s orders limit option!

Stimulate your customers to invite MORE NEW friends to your online store. The “referral’s orders limit” condition implemented in Magento extension Refer a Friend v.1.3.3 allows you to restrict the quantity of orders that will take part in discount calculating.  Buy Refer a Friend extension

Now you can set the “1” value in this new field and only the first purchase of each invited friend will bring in a discount to referrer.

The following bugs have been fixed in Refer a Friend v.1.3.3:

  • Sorting doesn’t work at Refer a Friend Statistics page
  • Incorrect extension disabling
  • Discount is displayed incorrectly on checkout in Magento 1.4
  • Compilation causes fatal errors in Magento 1.4
  • Incorrect window title in backend in Magento 1.4

Please find more information about this aheadWorks extension on the Refer a Friend page.

Refer a Friend 1.3.2 released

We are glad to announce the release of the latest version of the Refer a Friend extension by aheadWorks. Now this software is more stable than ever as the following bugs have been fixed:

  • Store crash while installation
  • Wrong total number of records in admin statistics
  • Incorrect rules applying
  • Invite button style returned

To find more information about this smart piece of software that helps you boost your business, please visit the Refer a Friend page.

Refer a Friend – even smarter!

While the much-awaited weekend beckons, there’s nothing quite like ending the week on a high! And our development team sure gets a high either rolling out new products or some nifty enhancements to one of our existing ones. Today, we are pleased to announce the release of some major enhancements to our Refer a Friend extension.

For those who haven’t heard about/ used this product, let’s just say that it is a smart piece of software that will help you benefit from a combination of viral and affiliate marketing (without launching a conventional affiliate program!). Read complete details on Refer a Friend.

Refer a Friend has been a hugely popular product – to the best of our knowledge, there’s no comparable extension in the market- and with today’s enhancements, we reckon it will differentiate it even further.

Here’s a quick summary of some of the most important enhancements:

Added a new action type
Offer customers discounts/ commissions based on a % of the purchase value of their referrals. Previously, you could offer only a fixed sum or fixed percentage to your customers for referrals. Quite simply, this should incentivize your customers to refer more friends, as the more the parties referred by them buy, the more they benefit.

Ability to broadcast the referral link
Not only can customers earn more per referral, they now have the opportunity to generate more referrals. Besides broadcasting the referral link by e-mail, they can choose to publish it online on their website or a blog post (why, they could add these links on their social networking profiles!).

New rule conditions related to order volume and size of discount
You can set a condition to allow customers to use the referral discount only if the order value is greater than a certain sum and/or the total discounts they are entitled to is more than a specified value. Such rules will help you ensure that the referral program is always a profitable proposition for you.

Dynamic explanatory label for greater clarity of the rules
The last thing we want is for the rules and options to make it confusing for you to understand and manage. Therefore, we provide this ‘dynamic explanatory label’ that interprets the (complex) logic/rules and presents it in a simple language every time a field is updated.

Some examples of how the labels would read are given below:

  • This rule gives $10 discount after reaching $40 total referral purchases
  • The rule checks this condition by summarizing purchases of each referral.
  • The discount can be earned 4 times by a referrer accumulating discount sum
  • The earned discount can be used 1 time(s), only if the order total is greater than $100 and can be applied together with a coupon

Ability to allow/block additive discounts
You can now allow/forbid your customers from using a referral discount together with a shopping cart coupon or any other promotional offers/ discounts.

Allows same person to be referred by different customers
This means that a customer is not prevented from referring someone who has been referred by somebody else as well. Of course, who gets the referral discount depends on whose invitation the recipient chooses to act upon to make a purchase.

Personalization of the referral message
The standard message template is sent when a customer refers friends contains the referrer’s name. We believe this will help increase the e-mail open and clickthrough rates.

Triggers limit for each action type
You can set limits to the number of times every rule is triggered. For example, say, you have a rule to “give 10% off for 3 sign-ups”. If the trigger limit is set as 1, the discount can be earned only once, while if the trigger limit is set as 2, then the customer is entitled to 20% discount when he generates 6 sign-ups from referrals.
Previously, we had trigger limits only for 2 of the 3 action types; these limits are now available for all action types.

Processing priority default value
Default priority values will be inserted when creating a new rule in the interface, so that you don’t have to enter it each time.

“Eligible for discount” field in the customer area

Improved look to the referrers page for the admin

Besides all the new and improved features, we have taken care of some of the outstanding bugs in the previous version. These include:

  • The “Cancel” button is now functioning in Google Chrome and Safary
  • Return discount on non-completed orders
  • HTTPS problem with AJAX invitation form
  • Hardcoded button titles
  • Unregistered referral has non-zero number of items purchased and total
  • Deprecated Prototype notation

We hope you like the new features. Do feedback with your comments or questions. We are all ears to your inputs.

Refer a Friend 1.2.4 released

Some minor bugs were fixed in this release:

  • HTTPS backend
  • Discount usage

To get more information about Refer a Friend please visit the extension page.

Refer a Friend 1.2.3 released

The following bugs are fixed:

  • Behavior in some multi-store configurations fixed
  • “Cannot add to cart” error for referrer, after a purchase with a discount had been made
  • Discount usage limit for values over 1 worked incorrectly
  • Complex combined discount rules (percent + fixed amount) were displayed wrong under some circumstances on the checkout

We strongly recommend to upgrade.

Find more information about the extension on the Refer a Friend Magento page.

Refer a Friend User Guide

Refer a Friend extension enjoys great popularity. That’s why we decided to create a guide with detailed description of each step of extension configuration and the examples of different rules creating and triggering.

You can download the Refer a Friend User Guide in the PDF format on the extension page.