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The Things You Can Do to Make Your Onsite Search Perfect

There are only two ways for customers to find a product in your store – an onsite search and stepwise browsing.

Still, most visitors do not use search boxes when they visit your site, although the results they can get are able to save them much time and efforts. According to Screen Pages, the average number of sessions with onsite searches constitutes only 5.7% of the total number of visits committed to the studied Magento sites.

Why does this happen? It seems, there is only one reason able to explain this phenomenon – the purpose of their visit to your site. Most customers do not have a confident buying intention during the visit. Naturally, they need to browse through several products to compare their quality and prices and just don’t need onsite search, as have no search queries to enter.

But the customers using onsite search greatly differ from the rest of the audience. They are much more important for your business, as their conversion rate is five times higher than the average one, according to ConversionXL.

The search box on your site is the fastest way for them to reach necessary products and purchase them. And it is here lies the main opportunities and risks area for your conversions.

As visitors have usually not much time for product searches, merchants should instantly provide them with complete and relevant search results. Below we’ll consider some valuable tips aiming to provide customers with advanced and comprehensive onsite search functionality.

The Things You Should Consider

Accuracy and Relevance of Results
Magento site owners get internal search functionality by default with the installation of the platform. However, the main purpose of this functionality lies in accurate and relevant results.

Search Boxes Position
The UI practice implies a certain location of search boxes within the store’s layout. Usually, they are situated in the upper right corner of the page, which is expected by customers, so they find it immediately. An unusual location of search boxes annoys customers and may lead to their exits.

It is also not recommended to periodically change search box positions on your site, as it confuses visitors and waists their time.

Allotted Location of Search Boxes
The box should not be surrounded by other similar design elements, including text boxes, text fields, sliders, etc. This simplifies the discovering of this functionality on the store page and eliminates an accidental use of other interface elements.

The search box should also be clearly separated from the surrounding area with bright colors and an appealing action button.

Search Box Placement on All Website Pages
Customers should have access to the onsite search functionality from each page of your store. This feature eliminates unnecessary returns and excessive navigational steps.

Autocomplete Usage
The autocomplete feature is critical for many customers. It saves their time, avoids mistakes and multiple data inputs, and finally leads to relevant and rapid search results.

More than Five Years of Excellent Search. Search Autocomplete and Suggest is Updated to the 3.4 Version

The history of the Search Autocomplete and Suggest Magento extension starts in January 2009 when the first release of this extension was introduced.

Magento Search Autocomplete and Suggest

Search Autocomplete and Suggest is one of the first aheadWorks modules, but we constantly improve its functionality and add new useful features, and the current 3.4 version of the extension is refined by next two of them:

3.4 Version Features

Backend Features Configuration

Backend Features Configuration

Show suggested keywords
This option shows keywords suggestions in the dropdown list based on customers’ search terms. Customers can choose one of the suggested keywords and complete the search by the most relevant results.

Suggested Keywords Option

Suggested Keywords Option

All results button
This option adds ‘All results’ button to the bottom of the dropdown list. When visitors click this button they are taken to the standard Search Results page, which displays all search results.

'All Results' Button

‘All Results’ Button

The Search Autocomplete and Suggest Magento Extension v.3.3 Allows Your Visitors to Search by Tags

Search Autocomplete and Suggest

Learn More
Among key navigation elements of eCommerce stores the advanced search occupies nearly the first place. Do you know that there are a lot of people who spend their time browsing through numerous items endlessly? The Search Autocomplete and Suggest Magento extension lets visitors save time and find any product as quickly as possible.

Search Autocomplete and Suggest shows visitors relevant matches when just a part of the word is typed in, thus, improving usability of online stores.

Today we announce the release of Search Autocomplete and Suggest v.3.3! The module offers some powerful features which enhance store functionality and make product search effortless.

  • Backend and frontend options are refactored
  • Search by tags

Search by tags

  • Alphabetical sorting of results
  • Option to specify a custom text in case no results are found

No results found

The following issues have been fixed:

* SAAS overrode default page in System->Configuration

* Issue with translation in backend

* Incorrect behavior after pressing ‘Enter’

Find the whole list of extension features, demo and screenshots on the Search Autocomplete and Suggest page.

Help your customers find what they are looking for in a few seconds

Search Autocomplete and Suggest

Learn More

The Search Autocomplete and Suggest Magento extension helps your customers find what they are looking for in a few seconds and navigate directly to the desired product page, completely bypassing the search results page.

The new 3.2 version of Search Autocomplete and Suggest is now compatible with the Advanced Search aheadWorks extension.

The following bugs have been fixed in Search Autocomplete and Suggest v.3.2:

  • Incorrect displaying of search results in Magento PE
  • AW_All is updated

Learn more about the extension features and try the Search Autocomplete and Suggest demo on the product page.

Elevate the user experience to a high standard and offer lower prices

Minimum Advertised Price

Minimum Advertised Price v.1.2

The Minimum Advertised Price Magento extension helps you sell products at the price lower than the minimum stipulated price set by manufacturers. The module allows you to show the special ‘Check Price’ button and display list price, minimum advertised price and ‘You Save’ price in a special pop up window.

The updated 1.2 version of Minimum Advertised Price is now compatible with Magento EE v.1.9 and supports Subscriptions and Recurring Payments aheadWorks extension.

The following bugs have been fixed in Minimum Advertised Price v.1.2:

  • Incorrect work with special price
  • Incorrect adding to cart from popup block in IE
  • Minor bug fixes

Find more on the Minimum Advertised Price page.

Make your online Magento store incredibly user-friendly

New week – new releases! Meet the Search Autocomplete and Suggest v.3.0 – an easy-to-use Magento extension which makes it simple for your customers to find exactly what they need quickly and conveniently.

The new version of Search Autocomplete and Suggest is now much faster as the search results representation has been considerably optimized, JavaScript files reduced by 90% and native Magento JavaScript libraries have been used.

The following bugs have been fixed in the Search Autocomplete and Suggest v.3.0:

  • Query delay option
  • IE6-8 incompatibility
  • Error appears when attributes are not selected
  • Minor bugfixes

If you want to learn more, please visit the Search Autocomplete and Suggest page.

Satisfy the customer’s “I want it now” attitude

Very often people want to find the required product/information as fast as possible without spending their time on slowly browsing through your entire website, especially if it is large and complex. The Search Autocomplete and Suggest extension from aheadWorks makes it simple for your customers to find exactly what they need quickly and conveniently.

This Magento add-on offers you a lot of powerful features which allow you to completely customize the search box as well as set up the extension work in the way you need. Today we released Search Autocomplete and Suggest v.2.2 where the module functionality has been improved by an ability to hide out of stock products.

Moreover, this latest version is more stable as the problem with search by product SKU has been fixed and now it works flawless.

Please find the whole list of extension features, demo, and screenshots on the Search Autocomplete and Suggest page.

How to make your Magento website navigation efficient

The key element of a website design, which relates directly to its success, is navigation. Over complicated and over designed menu (especially changing its placement, typography, or colors from page to page) doesn’t raise clickability. Website visitors get frustrated and won’t hang around such a site very long – they are more likely to go to your competitors.

We are ready to share the secrets of effective website navigation with all Magento-based store owners. Three basic principles are the following:

1. Make the navigation easier
Proper menu style is a fundamental pillar while creating accessible and usable websites. So the critical importance of intuitive, easy to find and use navigation cannot be overestimated. If the links are not obvious, your store visitors will click away never to return. Select the menu style suitable for your store design and allow your visitors flow through your site and find the required information as quickly as possible.

2. The less clicks the better
A website must respond instantly to its visitors’ instincts. While travelling around your site, users should get to the required pages quick enough. A necessity to come back to the category page each time to visit the next product page is rather time consuming and really annoying. Make your store content reachable within fewer clicks and your visitors will surely stay longer on your website.

3. Provide convenient search
The advanced search through the site is not just a useful tool but essential component of website navigation. According to Double Jump Media research, the percentage of website visitors who purchase after using on-site search is a significant 37%. It’s rather convincing to ignore the search functionality as an important factor for web users when making a purchase. Set up the advanced search for your site and achieve the same or even better results!

We hope that these tips will help you make your website navigation really efficient and be ahead of your competitors.

Search Autocomplete & Suggest 1.6.3 released

This is bug fix release.

Bug description
Search returns all products when flat catalog and flat product options are enabled in admin panel.
Magento version: 1.3

Bug is fixed and update is available on Downloadable Products page in customer area.

View extension page.