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Shop By Brand 1.5: Tailor Brands to Multiple Magento Websites, Stores and Store Views

We continue updating our Magento 1 extensions and today announce the new features provided in Shop By Brand 1.5.

Shop By Brand 1.5: Tailor Brands to Multiple Magento Sites and Store Views

As far as Magento stores are constantly increasing the number of customers, expand geography, and boost revenues, they often need advanced configuration scopes able to maintain versatile stores and store views for different customer segments. The current update of the Shop By Brand extension allows you to settle unique brand sets for multiple stores and store views with original brand titles, descriptions and Meta tags.

The Shop By Brand Magento extensionShop By Brand 1.5 New Features

Multi-store Brand Association

Starting from the 1.5 version of the extension the new brand General section (Catalog -> Shop By Brand -> Manage Brands -> Add New) allows you to select the website or store view to be associated with a particular brand.

So, if your Magento installation includes two or more stores or multiple store views in several different languages, you can add necessary and relevant brands to the selected Magento scopes.

Associate Brands with Selected Web Sites and Store Views

Associate Brands with Selected Stores and Store Views

Multi-store Support for Brand Fields

Furthermore, not only can you add brands to different store views, you can also alter their page titles, brand descriptions, and Meta tags depending on the scope. The configuration scope selector added at the top left throughout the Edit Brand area allows you to switch scopes within one brand and specify separate brand attributes for distinct stores and store views.

Shop By Brand 1.4 Creates and Fills Brands Automatically

Selling by brands is a time-tested approach in ecommerce contained by default in most platforms, including Magento, and used by numerous grand companies, including Amazon.

Shop By Brands

Multiple functionality extensions push this functionality forward and make website Shop By sections real art pieces of usability and design. Still, with the development of e-trade more and more cases appear aimed at reduced costs and time savings. Namely this kind of inquiry gave life to the new version of our Shop By Brand Magento extension.

Automatic Brands Creation by Products’ Attributes

Shop By Brand 1.4 is refined with the ability to automatically create brands by certain product attributes and assign products to them.

It’s one-click functionality located in the Shop By Brand configuration section available for Magento admins both under System -> Configuration -> Shop By Brand -> Auto Generate or Catalog -> Shop By Brand -> Settings -> Auto Generate.

Auto Generate Functionality

Auto Generate Functionality

The functionality is especially useful in two generic cases.

Shop by Brand v.1.3 Promotes Brand Products in Search Results and in Your Store

The Shop by Brand Magento ExtensionBrands are very important for customers as competent navigators and opinion leaders in the huge world of goods. Shoppers often pay more attention to a brand than to price or product specification. That’s why, selling by brands is advantageous and easier in many cases.

We continue to improve the Shop by Brand extension for Magento and ready to announce new great features. Shop by Brand v.1.3 provides better SEO, promotes branded products, and allows customers to navigate them easily.

New Features

The “More From Same Brand” block on product page
The new “More From Same Brand” block allows you to naturally promote brand products in an attractive manner among your customers. Featured products in this block present the brand of the current product page and are treated as valuable information rather than annoying promo.

You can insert this block via CMS or template.

Insert the block via CMS

  • to a Product View page:

{{block type=”awshopbybrand/widget” column_count=”3″ row_count=”1″}}

Note: The “column_count” and “row_count” parameters define the number of products in the block. You can use your values for these parameters; if they are omitted, default values “2×2” will be used.

  • to a Category or Static CMS page:

{{block type=”awshopbybrand/widget” product_id=”1″ column_count=”3″ row_count=”1″}}

Note: The 2nd variant requires specifying Product ID parameter. If a block is inserted into a non-product page, the extension is not able to recognize the product associated with the block, unless the product ID is specified.

Insert the block into product page via template

This method requires several steps:

1. Edit Layout.
Open the file: app/design/frontend/<your_package>/<your_theme>/layout/aw_shopbybrand.xml.
Find the node <catalog_product_view> and insert the following code:

<reference name=“”>
<block type=“awshopbybrand/widget” name=“aw_shopbybrand_widget”>
<action method=“setColumnCount”><columnCount>4</columnCount></action>
<action method=“setRowCount”><rowCount>2</rowCount></action>

2. Edit template.
Open the file: /app/design/frontend/<your_package><your_theme>/template/catalog/product/ view.phtml. Insert the code below into the required position.

<?php echo $this->getChildHtml(‘aw_shopbybrand_widget’); ?>

"More From Same Brand" Block

“More From Same Brand” Block

Limited-Time Offer! Pre-order the Shop by Brand Extension and Pay Less Before Its Official Release

Different aspects influence customers’ choice when they make purchases: product color, quality, size, material and many other preferences. As you might already noticed, for a great number of visitors nothing matters but brands. Often they wander around in search of items made by this or that well-known company. And leave the store if none is found. Sounds familiar?

We deeply and thoroughly studied this “brand obsession” of customers. As a result of our research, we are glad to introduce the Shop By Brand extension. This easy in use tool, perfectly adjusted to user shopping experience with no excessive features, improves navigation around the store and lets customers quickly find the brands and related products of their concern.

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With Shop By Brand you can connect products with brands seamlessly. The following features will satisfy the needs of merchants just as good as customers’ demands.