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Follow Up Email for Shopify Hits the 2.5 Million Emails Benchmark

With social media came to the fore the role of email marketing for new sales was obviously underestimated. However, as soon as the tide of buzz falls down the real value of email sendings is showing up gradually.
Follow Up Email for Shopify Hits the 2.5 Million Emails Benchmark

According to statistics, emails stand far ahead of other mediums with the Average Open Rate of 21.76% and Average Click-through Rate of 3.57% for all industries. Furthermore, emails generate more conversions than other marketing channels and provide better ROI.*

This data vividly show that any marketing mix is to include email sendings regardless of the particular qualities of customer audiences or products. Shopify store owners realize this advantage clearly and use it intensively.

The Follow Up Email extension for ShopifyFor now, the Follow Up Email application for Shopify by Aheadworks celebrates a great milestone of 2.5 Million sent emails, including abandoned cart recoveries, sales promotions, review requests, welcomes, additional service offers, etc. Throughout its history on Shopify the application served thousands of stores, including single-product and chock-full ones, dozens of countries, and millions of end customers.

Low Stock Alert Tracks Fast and Slowly Consumable Products Separately

We have already provided our Shopify customers and store owners with the chance to avoid losing customers as a result of the lack of products with our free Low Stock Alerts application.

Low Stock Alert Tracks Separately Fast and Slowly Consumable Products

Still, the issue is not that simple since some products are being sold quickly, while other ones – slowly. So, what should be considered as a universal low stock threshold?

Most likely, we’ll not be able to find that gold mean compliant with all the circumstances and just need to create different thresholds for different product collections. That is exactly the idea behind the new feature recently released for the Low Stock Alert application by Aheadworks.

The Low Stock Alert Shopify ApplicationLow Stock Alert New Feature

Up to 5 Separate Low Stock Lists

Now, the application allows you to create 5 different low stock threshold values for five different product collections. The functionality is even more beneficial, as far as you can assign products to certain collections according to diverse and highly adaptive product conditions.

This way, the application creates five low stock lists based on product inventory stocks, types, vendors, prices, etc. and their combinations. Using the above conditions you can assign suitable thresholds to only certain products and get rid of duplicate products in your low stock lists. For your convenience each low stock list is sent in different email notifications.

Starting an Online Store on Shopify? We Can Help.

Starting a new business is always difficult and we know that in this first step any help is needed.

aheadWorks Shopify Startup Program

So, here at aheadWorks we have launched the Startup program for beginners in the team of Shopify store owners. This program allows you to take advantage of free extended trial periods for our apps and get some expert technical consulting or advice on best business practices from our development and support teams.

Program terms

In order to join the program you need to have a new Shopify store and very little experience in ecommerce.

In this case, we are glad to offer you:

  • 9 month free trial periods of our Shopify extensions (or even longer on request);
  • Free technical consulting and business support.

Why do we do this

The Startup program is a two-way road and we are planning to get something from you as well.

Firstly, we’d like to get some feedback from you regarding our applications functionality and the ways you utilyze it. We plan to feature these success stories in our blog posts and via social media.

Secondly, we invite you to take part in our product surveys and make our applications better through your practical experience and primary expectations.


If you find our Startup program suitable and valuable, you can join it easily in our Shopify applications store. Just fill the form and let us know that you need some help to create a great successful online store on Shopify.

New and Free Low Stock Alert for Shopify

Selling online is gradually becoming more and more difficult. The reasons for this are multiple, but basically they are divided into two groups – depending on our actions and the independent ones.

To some extent, we can excuse the losses caused by the reasons beyond our control, still we have to prevent any sales decreases within our area of responsibility. Meanwhile, each store owner has a lot of chances for such omissions, including e.g. low or out of stock inventory.

Low Stock Alert for Shopify

According to, 15% of online customers reported that they won’t complete their purchases if they find items out of stock. That’s quite a large share of potential shoppers living stores without purchases and merchants losing their credibility.

So, if you intend to keep your revenue you need to track and replenish your inventory regularly. And, we can offer you the way to automate this time-consuming and irritating routine in your Shopify store.

low-stock-alert 130Low Stock Alert (Free)

The Low Stock Alert application for Shopify stores automatically tracks the items that fall below a specific level and highlights them in the low stock products grid. Moreover, you can set up and receive daily warnings about low stock items via emails.


Quantity Threshold
The quantity is considered to be low as soon as the number of items falls below a preset level. And, you can specify any number of items as the quantity threshold.

Happy to Be a Part of the Great Success Story with Our Follow Up Email

The story of the beginning behind any successful business is unique and enlightening. It may be full of stoicism or luck, obstacles or fair wind, but it always declares one simple thing – follow the customer.

Follow Up Email in Shopify Success Stories

And, that is the principle used by MatterThing, the first 3D print shop in Canada, perceiving the internet as the largest source of their sales. Its story starts in 2013 with one 3D printer and now the company has thirty fully loaded appliances serving clients’ needs all day long.

The company was recently featured by Shopify in its Success Stories, and aheadWorks is happy to be a part of this success! uses our Follow Up Email application in order to stay close to its customers and get their after-purchase reviews.

The Follow Up Email Shopify applicationBut, the application facilities are much wider. Abandoned cart recoveries, holiday and daily promotions, thank you notifications, recurrent reminders, special offers, etc. precisely targeted to certain customer groups – these are just a few beneficial follow up email occasions covered by the app. While, opens and clicks statistics, versatile email templates, advanced automatic settings, and integration options make it even more powerful.

So, we wish MatterThings a great success and hope that it will gradually take advantage of all the opportunities provided by Follow Up Email and utilize other aheadWorks Shopify applications.

Help Desk for Shopify: Customer Satisfaction through Personal Communications

Each brand strives to its ultimate goal described in only one big word – uniqueness.

Help Desk for Shopify

But, this aspiration is absolutely senseless without precisely distinguished individual brand features created by products and, sometimes even more, by personal relations between merchants and customers. And, this is exactly what our product offers – brand identity and customer satisfaction built in personal communications.

Help Desk is a new customer-oriented support solution tailored for Shopify store owners by aheadWorks.

The Shopify Help Desk ApplicationHelp Desk for Shopify

Help Desk incorporates both long-term approved commercial functionality and an experimentally adjusted approach to design and usability.

Commercial Value

Time and Expenses

  • Integral customer relationship solution. Help Desk is a single place to render support and carry on communications with your customers from different channels in one place.
  • Eloquent dashboard. Help Desk introduces a user-friendly and feature-rich dashboard enabling you to estimate the general situation at a glance and go to most exigent requests immediately.

Loyalty and Satisfaction

  • Real-time message tool. Help Desk allows you to track customers’ inquiries in real time from the dashboard and additionally get notifications via emails. This way, you can easily follow the response time standards and even offer your customers different support levels, e.g. high-priority, regular, non-urgent, etc.
  • Loyalty strengthening via personal communications. Help Desk is a great tool to leverage brand loyalty through personal communications using both rational and emotional incentives perfectly suitable for every individual customer.
  • Additional information for relevant customer segments. Relevant support is impossible without a deep understanding of customers’ businesses, their needs, and peculiarities. Help Desk enables you to differentiate customers by orders (quantity and values) and personal descriptions facilitating efficient communications and relevant treatment.


Integral Solution

The application provides you with one contact point for all messages sent via direct emails and contact form in your store.

Help Desk Dashboard

Help Desk Dashboard

CRM Competence

Individual Message Threads for Each Customer
Each communication has its own thread containing chronologically arranged messages, so you do not miss any of them and eliminate the need to restore the logic of correspondence from various sources.

Automatic Related Products for Shopify: Great Moment for Decent Promotional Content

Customers always appreciate wise and relevant product suggestions, thus you need to consider both the content and moment of your related product promotions.

Automatic Related Products for Shopify

Depending on the objectives pursued the content of related products is commonly based on two general types:

  • Natural Supplements – supplementing products, which make the use of the main product more efficient, convenient or just possible;
  • Usual Additions – supplements commonly used with the main product as a result of individual habits or collective behavior.

The above products usually follow the main item and the same does the customers’ purchasing behavior. Firstly, customers choose or even purchase required products and just later recollect the need to get something in addition.

Automatic Related Products New Functionality

So, on this shopping path your related products have to remain in the immediate vicinity for a customer, what is exactly the thing provided by the newest features of the Automatic Related Products application.

Shopping Cart Promo

From now on, related products are also displayed in customers’ shopping carts allowing them to complete their purchases with additional still necessary items.

And, here you can suggest both closely related to the main item products or just bestsellers approved by the majority of your customers.

Related Products in the Shopping Cart

Related Products in the Shopping Cart

aheadWorks on Shopify

The right principles of online business are the same all around the world and across all ecommerce platforms. Customers’ satisfaction is the only measure of success for all merchants no difference what kind of software they use.

For 15 years we provide advanced ecommerce solutions for digital stores and now it is a great time to make them available for even more store owners. Considering this idea we stumbled upon Shopify – a highly potential ecommerce platform trusted and used by many successful merchants.

aheadWorks on Shopify

It was some kind of a challenge for us to implement our extensions on a SaaS platform, but we are entirely sure that the adjusted approach to promotions, sales, communications, etc. we use in our solutions is perfectly suitable for Shopify as well.

Today, our Shopify catalog consists of two extensions – real brilliants of our portfolio. Follow Up Email and Automatic Related Products are our pioneers on Shopify, but already managed to obtain excellent reviews from satisfied customers.

We use this app to help us send automated emails to our clients to get their reviews. It’s helped us generate a lot of reviews already! The support team is also quick to reply on any help we need and very supportive. And we love the dashboard-clean and simple to use. Keep up the great work!

MatterThings about Follow Up Email

The functionality of these two extensions has passed a long way of field testing and refinement. Now, we can say that they are comprehensive business solutions able to perform multiple tasks within their functional areas.

Functionality Description


The Follow Up Email Shopify extensionFollow Up Email

Email marketing is one of the most effective communication channels and powerful sources of plentiful sales. Using the Follow Up Email application you are able to send personal and automated emails simultaneously.

Automated triggering enables you to save time, decrease marketing costs, establish trusted relations with customers, get new sales, and just be in time. Each email has a great potential for new sales and strong partnerships. So, convert your communication into revenues.

Email Types

Basing on the tested and approved business logic we offer you 8 email types located in the most potential points of the sales process. Proper and prompt reaction, in these cases, most likely will bring you additional benefits, including sales.