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Automatic Related Products for Shopify: Great Moment for Decent Promotional Content

Customers always appreciate wise and relevant product suggestions, thus you need to consider both the content and moment of your related product promotions.

Automatic Related Products for Shopify

Depending on the objectives pursued the content of related products is commonly based on two general types:

  • Natural Supplements – supplementing products, which make the use of the main product more efficient, convenient or just possible;
  • Usual Additions – supplements commonly used with the main product as a result of individual habits or collective behavior.

The above products usually follow the main item and the same does the customers’ purchasing behavior. Firstly, customers choose or even purchase required products and just later recollect the need to get something in addition.

Automatic Related Products New Functionality

So, on this shopping path your related products have to remain in the immediate vicinity for a customer, what is exactly the thing provided by the newest features of the Automatic Related Products application.

Shopping Cart Promo

From now on, related products are also displayed in customers’ shopping carts allowing them to complete their purchases with additional still necessary items.

And, here you can suggest both closely related to the main item products or just bestsellers approved by the majority of your customers.

Related Products in the Shopping Cart

Related Products in the Shopping Cart

aheadWorks on Shopify

The right principles of online business are the same all around the world and across all ecommerce platforms. Customers’ satisfaction is the only measure of success for all merchants no difference what kind of software they use.

For 15 years we provide advanced ecommerce solutions for digital stores and now it is a great time to make them available for even more store owners. Considering this idea we stumbled upon Shopify – a highly potential ecommerce platform trusted and used by many successful merchants.

aheadWorks on Shopify

It was some kind of a challenge for us to implement our extensions on a SaaS platform, but we are entirely sure that the adjusted approach to promotions, sales, communications, etc. we use in our solutions is perfectly suitable for Shopify as well.

Today, our Shopify catalog consists of two extensions – real brilliants of our portfolio. Follow Up Email and Automatic Related Products are our pioneers on Shopify, but already managed to obtain excellent reviews from satisfied customers.

We use this app to help us send automated emails to our clients to get their reviews. It’s helped us generate a lot of reviews already! The support team is also quick to reply on any help we need and very supportive. And we love the dashboard-clean and simple to use. Keep up the great work!

MatterThings about Follow Up Email

The functionality of these two extensions has passed a long way of field testing and refinement. Now, we can say that they are comprehensive business solutions able to perform multiple tasks within their functional areas.

Functionality Description


The Follow Up Email Shopify extensionFollow Up Email

Email marketing is one of the most effective communication channels and powerful sources of plentiful sales. Using the Follow Up Email application you are able to send personal and automated emails simultaneously.

Automated triggering enables you to save time, decrease marketing costs, establish trusted relations with customers, get new sales, and just be in time. Each email has a great potential for new sales and strong partnerships. So, convert your communication into revenues.

Email Types

Basing on the tested and approved business logic we offer you 8 email types located in the most potential points of the sales process. Proper and prompt reaction, in these cases, most likely will bring you additional benefits, including sales.