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Help Desk for Shopify: Customer Satisfaction through Personal Communications

Each brand strives to its ultimate goal described in only one big word – uniqueness.

Help Desk for Shopify

But, this aspiration is absolutely senseless without precisely distinguished individual brand features created by products and, sometimes even more, by personal relations between merchants and customers. And, this is exactly what our product offers – brand identity and customer satisfaction built in personal communications.

Help Desk is a new customer-oriented support solution tailored for Shopify store owners by aheadWorks.

The Shopify Help Desk ApplicationHelp Desk for Shopify

Help Desk incorporates both long-term approved commercial functionality and an experimentally adjusted approach to design and usability.

Commercial Value

Time and Expenses

  • Integral customer relationship solution. Help Desk is a single place to render support and carry on communications with your customers from different channels in one place.
  • Eloquent dashboard. Help Desk introduces a user-friendly and feature-rich dashboard enabling you to estimate the general situation at a glance and go to most exigent requests immediately.

Loyalty and Satisfaction

  • Real-time message tool. Help Desk allows you to track customers’ inquiries in real time from the dashboard and additionally get notifications via emails. This way, you can easily follow the response time standards and even offer your customers different support levels, e.g. high-priority, regular, non-urgent, etc.
  • Loyalty strengthening via personal communications. Help Desk is a great tool to leverage brand loyalty through personal communications using both rational and emotional incentives perfectly suitable for every individual customer.
  • Additional information for relevant customer segments. Relevant support is impossible without a deep understanding of customers’ businesses, their needs, and peculiarities. Help Desk enables you to differentiate customers by orders (quantity and values) and personal descriptions facilitating efficient communications and relevant treatment.


Integral Solution

The application provides you with one contact point for all messages sent via direct emails and contact form in your store.

Help Desk Dashboard

Help Desk Dashboard

CRM Competence

Individual Message Threads for Each Customer
Each communication has its own thread containing chronologically arranged messages, so you do not miss any of them and eliminate the need to restore the logic of correspondence from various sources.