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The Post Holiday Season and How to Make the Best of It

At the end of each year we look forward to the holiday season and chase away the thoughts about the post-holiday period obstinately. However, it always comes regardless of our fears and pleas.

The Post Holiday Season and How to Make the Best of It

We are accustomed to consider this period as an inevitable payoff for the holiday sales boom and strive to find the ways to mitigate and shorten its negative consequences. So, what is the way to turn the After Holiday Season to good account and retain sales or at least avoid any sufficient stress for your online business?

Magento 2 Pack: The Shortest Way to Start on Magento 2

Usually, bulk purchases are price advantageous and allow you to buy an item within cheaper than at the regular price.

But, if the product set within the bundle is fixed, it may force you to pay for unwanted items…

M2 Extension Pack

Leaving aside other cases we may say that Magento 2 Extension Pack from our company is really beneficial, because we made it that way. It allows you to choose any products you want and save.

M2 Extension Pack

General Benefits

  • High quality extensions. All the provided extensions cover only most required Magento 2 functionality areas and are compliant with the best industry practices;
  • Attractive Price. The pack allows you to purchase five Magento 2 extensions and save in average 25% + from their initial prices;
  • Freedom of choice. You can include any M2 products from our catalog to you package sets;
  • Wide range of products. Take your pick from currently existing products or any future extensions to be released in 2016.
  • One year free support services. The package deal includes 360 days of tech support and free updates.

M2 Extension Pack Customers

Starting a new store is always a challenging task especially when you pick Magento 2 to build you success on. You will certainly need several extensions to satisfy just initial functionality needs, and that is the logic we follow offering the products package option in our store.

Using our M2 Extension Pack pioneering Magento 2 owners are able to get access to some demanded products ensuring their successful launch.

Customer Success Stories

This package deal is not purely unique for our customers. Many of them have already taken advantage of this offer and found it great. Here is what Sandy van Markus, Dampershop.nl, is telling about his experience with Magento 2 and the pack:

“We sell electronic cigarettes in the Netherlands and in the rest of Europe. The decision to move to Magento 2 was made because we liked the provided functionality and interface of the new platform.

Furthermore, we found that Aheadworks already have an essential number of really great M2 extensions complemented with quality support services. So, the choice of Magento 2 extensions provider was just simple.

M2 Extension Pack was a good price option considering all the included extensions. We do not currently use them all, but anyway the pack is a good solution. It looks even more beneficial with the included extended support, which is great at Aheadworks. They provide you with a lot of technical expertise and here you have a lot of nice people to talk to.”

Equip Your Magento 2 Stores with High-quality Extensions Profitably

No doubt, Magento 2 will become the next ecommerce destination for numerous Magento users.

So, if you consider migration as the next step of your improvement or just build a new M2 store, we are ready to make you two great offers.

All M2 Essentials in One Place

Coming into this innovational Magento 2 era we have a hankering to enter it with our new and existing customers continuing the long-term beneficial partnership. And, since we sincerely believe that Magento 2 is currently the best available ecommerce software, we offer you to equip your M2 online stores profitably right now.

M2 Extensions PackM2 Extension Pack

M2 Extension Pack provides you with a unique and original chance to access all M2 extensions either currently available for purchase or expected to be released. The pack includes free extensions installation and the 360-day support period.

Our Magento 1 extension buyers are provided with the 30% discount on M2 Extension Pack (use the M2PACK coupon code):

  • CE M2 extension Pack: the discounted price is $979 (only for our M1 customers) and $1399 is the full price of the pack;
  • EE M2 extension Pack: the discounted price is $2099 (for our M1 customers) and $2999 is the full price of the pack.

Totally, we expect all 12 extensions to be good and ready by the end of March. The modules cover most significant functionality fields, including sales and marketing, administration, user experience, and content management. As soon as you purchase the pack, all the extensions above will appear in you customer account area. For the launched extensions you will get the links for downloading immediately, while the coming soon extensions will appear after their final release.

Great Offer for Our Customers: 50% Discount on Magento 2 Extensions

Today, when Magento 2 is released, most of you consider it as the next ecommerce destination and explore the existing M2 environment in order to estimate the advantages of migration.

50% Discount on Magento 2 Extensions for Our Customers

The new platform grows exponentially constantly attracting new dedicated extensions and services, vendors and providers, technical approaches and price strategies. Within the Magento 2 ecosystem, we are committed to providing our customers with a reliable way for smooth and rapid switching to the new platform as soon as they are ready for this transformation.

50% Discount for M1 Customers

Coming into the Magento 2 era we do our best to provide extensions covering most required functionality areas and offer our M1 customers tools necessary to get up to speed with their Magento 2 stores.

Today, aheadWorks Magento 1 customers have a unique opportunity to purchase Magento 2 extensions at the 50% discount.

Any of our M1 customers, regardless of the products they purchased* and regardless of the license statuses, are able to get any Magento 2 products from our catalog 50% off.

In order to streamline you successful launch on Magento 2 we also offer free installation and extended up to 180 days support and updates period for all M2 products.

* Excluding free products, their support licences and Advanced Reports units.

How It Works

  • Ensure you are under the account you used for M1 purchases;
  • Enter coupon M1M2 on the shopping cart page;
  • Use it for any number of products.

St. Valentine’s Day Special Offer + Promising Infographics

A festive time is always a busy period for both merchants seeking to introduce products in the best manner, and for customers rushing to give presents to their dear people.

Today we all are getting ready for beautiful St. Valentine’s Day, which is going to be amazing this year, as always. And the great news is that Magento Merchants still have enough time to make their in-store promotions just great, and take advantage of our special offer.

St. Valentine’s Day Offer

In order to give you some extra chances for plentiful sales we’d like to make you an advantageous offer.

19 Promotional Tools to Boost Your Sales

It allows you to purchase one or several sales motivation Magento extensions and save 15%. Additionally to the discount we provide you with the free installation service you could prepare for the upcoming shopping boom. The offer is valid through February 15.

Vivid in-store promotions and competent sale motivations are able to attract new customers and boost your sales, especially that this year you have all chances for the hit.

St. Valentine’s Day Sales 2015

According to National Retail Federation, this year St. Valentine’s Day is going to be a true success for merchants since they seem to be able to get benefits from the serious purchasing intentions recently voiced by the majority of customers. Refer to the infographics below.

aheadWorks Discounts and Special Offers – Save and Purchase More

We all know that most online merchants provide numerous promotional incentives to their customers: discounts, coupons, special offers, etc.

But sometimes customers just have no time to aggregate the entire list of available opportunities for savings.

We do not want our customers be among those fellows and provide you the list of available discounts, coupons, aheadWorks Reward Policy terms, and other benefits for your convenience. Just bookmark this post and wisely plan your purchases from aheadWorks since that time.

aheadWorks Discounts

Our company offers several regular discounts to our customers, which are delivered to all customer groups on an ongoing basis.

5% discount for two and more items in a cart
This discount is applied to the subtotal amount of the cart, which contains two or more products.

Facebook followers coupon code
All Facebook followers can take advantage of the provided discount applicable to all extensions and themes in our store. The coupon code with the 5% discount one can find here.

Special Offers

Each product page in our store contains a “Special Offer” tab, where you can find current best offers on our products. So, don’t forget to visit it during your sessions at our store.

One free month of aheadMetrics use
Today we provide free one-month trial period of the aheadMetrics analytics service, which allows you to import an unlimited number of orders for your reports.

Note: Multiple reports of the aheadMetrics service allow you to generate detailed statistics of your business in real time.

30% off the Market Segmentation Suite 2.0 extension
The discount is guaranteed for those customers, who buy Market Segmentation Suite 2.0 along with one or several following extensions: Advanced Newsletter, Points & Rewards, Z-Blocks, Follow Up Email, Checkout Promo, Pop-up+, Order Tags.

Note: Market Segmetation Suite is integrated with all these extensions and vastly expands the functionality of each mentioned above module.

SAS + Advanced Search = 20% off when bought together
Trying to make valuable Magento functionality more affordable for our customers aheadWorks provides sufficient discounts on integrated modules. And now we offer a 20% discount on the Advanced Search and Search Autocomplete and Suggest extensions, if these modules are purchased within one order.

Note: The integration of the mentioned above products allows you to use all facilities of the Sphinx search engine multiplied by the rich functionality of the SAS extension.

Independence Day Special Offer

July is a great time and, moreover, it starts with great and even national holidays in many countries.

But those who have no this occasion for celebration in grand style, I’m sure, are still completely happy, since July is a festival per se.

Nevertheless, today we have a superb reason to congratulate our American customers and partners on the glorious holiday for their nation – Independence Day.

But we would also like to take this opportunity and express our appreciation to all our clients, and no matter where you plan to spend this weekend – on a picnic or, perhaps, in office – we congratulate you and wish an excellent mood.

Independence Day Special Offer

In order to celebrate this great day, we offer all of you a double support period with each order. This special offer is time limited from the 5th to 8th of July, so, hurry up to benefit. Happy Holidays!


aheadWorks Provides Extra Safety for Customers’ Purchases. We Announce the 45-Day Money Back Guarantee

aheadWorks    Magento Platinum Industry Partner   Magento Enterprise Developer  45 Days Money Back Guarantee

Eventually most Magento store owners need to enhance their store functionality with some valuable Magento extensions, but the evaluation of modules’ characteristics is difficult sometimes. Extensions integration may take a lot of efforts, but is not always successful, and in these cases nothing remains except refund requests. However, you will not achieve this comparatively painless outcome when your refund term is expired.

The following generic cases describe the situations when an extended refund period is highly desirable.

Case 1. Long-term Integration Efforts

This case refers to the situations when a developer tries to integrate an extension with Magento, but faces some technical issues: conflicts with other extensions, incompatibility with an external theme, etc. Mutual communications also take some precious time and finally the refund term is expired.

Case 2. Unexpected Too Late Detected Issues

This case refers to those situations when issues are detected too late due to personal or technical reasons or when their signs appear only after the refund period expiration.

We usually help our customers in the situations described in Case 1 and our Support Team tries to handle all of them, but we can’t help, if the issue is detected too late.

45 Days Money Back Guarantee

According to our estimations* the average refund period offered by Magento extension providers is about 22 days and it is not enough sometimes. But aheadWorks always strives to provide exceptional customer service, so, we launch the 45-day money back guarantee from now on. We want our customers have more chances to choose the most suitable functionality without any extra costs.

We assume all the associated risks and hope that our customers will get even more satisfaction purchasing from us. The 45-day refund term is applied to ALL our software products and within this period you can get full unconditional refund.

Note: we do not provide money backs on installation and customization services as well as do not refund points.

We are proud to be Magento Platinum Industry Partner and aim to provide the greatest customer service for Magento extension consumers. High quality extensions, an experienced responsive technical support, together with the 45-day money back guarantee make purchasing from aheadWorks completely safe and advantageous.

For further safe purchases visit our Magento store. Enjoy shopping!

*According to aheadWorks Top 10 Magento extension vendors monitoring.