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aheadMetrics: Evolving from Beta to Stable with Subscription Plans and Free Trial

You know how crucial real-time sales statistics can be to an e-commerce site. Especially during the holiday season, when consumer spending reaches the highest point of the year.

But this blog post will not focus on how to maximize your sales. We’re going to focus on sales analytics provided by aheadMetrics reporting service and its exit from beta. So, if you are not using it, it’s high time to try!

Artyom Rabzonov, aheadMetrics coordinator, describes the service this way: “Our service is tailored to measure very specific parameters (sales, customers and orders) in contrast to other instruments aimed to track all metrics together. …All data is updated in real-time meaning there is no 24-hour delay when a vendor has to wait for the actual statistics.”


From Beta to Stable

After lots of work from the team, we’re thrilled to introduce a stable version of aheadMetrics. Since April, 2013 we’ve been chipping away at bugs and increasing performance bar. The aheadMetrics subscription service is 5 times faster since our very first release.

We’re also announcing subscription plans, and a few features that we think will appeal to aheadMetrics users including subscription plans, the ability to display charts in Magento backend, and a revamped reports panel.

Thanksgiving 2013. New Trends in Online Shopping

Editor’s note: Everlasting traditions seem to be unable to resist the newly formed consumer behavior anymore and apparently retailers yield to it as well. Thanksgiving dinner is going to be replaced by the early starting shopping rush or at least combined with online shopping.

And the reason is as usually simple. Most people prefer buying during the holiday instead of waiting for the early opening hours on Black Friday. According to National Retail Federation 33 Mln people in the U.S. are planning to make purchases on Thanksgiving Day either online or in stores.

Traditionally Black Friday is expected to be more plenteous: 69.1% (97 Mln) plan to shop on Black Friday, but the share of online shoppers is higher on Thanksgiving Day (according to Placed).

Majority of Shopping

This weekend U.S. customers are going to spend more than 50% of their holiday budgets. So, the possible catch is really attracting. And retailers are fully armed for this hot weekend. More than half of retailers started their online promotions five days before the Thanksgiving weekend. (by Prosper Insights & Analytics). Retailers are going to carry out numerous promotional activities including special email campaigns (44.2%), one-day sales (41.9%), free gift with purchase promotions (23.3%), free standard shipping on all purchases (20.9%) and discounted shipping (20.9%) (according to NRF). This year overall online holiday sales are expected to be 15% higher over the last year (according to

aheadMetrics 2.0 Works Five Times Faster! Get Reports Tailored Specifically to eCommerce Businesses for Free

Big news for aheadMetrics users! Just recently we upgraded our free analytics service to 2.0 version, and now it works 5 times faster! Enter your aheadMetrics account and check it out yourself!

Several months ago we have launched aheadMetrics service allowing merchants to access all-round analytics of their eCommerce stores real-time with sales, customers and products data measurable in any dimensions.

Now it’s a high time to pause for a while and analyze how aheadMetrics startup managed to survive and gain momentum as a powerful easy-to-embrace analytics tracking solution for eCommerce businesses.

We arranged a talk with Artyom Rabzonov, aheadMetrics founder, in which he explained why aheadMetrics is one of its kind analytics service at the moment and why merchants won’t be able to function properly without keeping the most important eCommerce info in one handy place.

aheadMetrics Setup

Magento Connect May 2013: Guess Who Jumped Twice Higher?

Hello, dear Magento Connect statistics fans!

June changed May, and summer followed spring. What thoughts has a new season brought? Dreaming about holidays, sunbathing, beaches, traveling, picnics or just idleness? All these ideas are pleasant and rest is very important for everybody. But all in good time, and now let’s turn to Magento Connect May Statistics.

In May there were no serious additional factors that could influence the growth of extensions in subcategories. Nevertheless the results look a bit unexpected. The leaders are familiar to the regular readers of our monthly Magento Connect Statistics reports. But the quantitative changes can be surprising. They can be explained as after-effect of great changes that were brought to the Magento Connect extension marketplace in February. But it’s time to look at numbers.

Magento Connect May Statistics 2013

Magento Connect March-April 2013: Three Big Changes at the Magento Marketplace You Shouldn’t Miss

Good day, ladies and gentlemen! Two spring months have already passed and May is outdoors. The approach of summer is felt in the air. Day by day the weather brings us more sunshine and heat. But sometimes it’s unpredictable as well as Magento Connect statistics.

Several big changes were brought to the Magento Connect extension marketplace and we can’t skip them while making our regular analysis. Wonder what are they?

The FIRST CHANGE is the delisting of outdated extensions on Connect. The removal of modules was based on compatibility with recent versions of Magento, and frequency of download/referral. As a result of “cleaning up”, the total quantity of extensions for all categories reduced from 11,095 (February) to 10,466 (March). 5% of extensions were delisted. This change influenced the statistics for March.

Magento Connect March Statistics 2013

OnPulse Update: Сhoose Order Statuses to Be Displayed in Statistics


Hi, our dear OnPulse users! There are over 7.5K (!) of you who downloaded the extension and took advantage of store statistics on mobile gadgets.

Just a quick reminder for newbies: a free exclusive web-based service OnPulse allows merchants to view their store sales statistics right from any iOS/Android mobile device when they don’t have accesses to PC.

You leave your feedback for OnPulse at and we keep the promise – we implement the most requested functionality you are actively voting for.

As a result of the first public voting round, today we announce the release of the feature letting merchants choose order statuses to be displayed in statistics. From now, you can instantly view completed, on hold, new, pending, processing, and other types of orders on the go right on your mobile screen.

Order statuses in statistics

According to user wishes, bestsellers report feature is also at a premium. And you know what? Ability to browse through bestsellers will be delivered in the next update!

Continue building a mobile administration service of your dream! Add and evaluate new ideas for OnPulse here and high-ranked ones will be applied.

Why is OnPulse worth giving a try?

  • Free of charge
  • Installation in 5 minutes
  • No registration required
  • Works with all Magento webstores

Enjoy store statistics displayed in your smartphone or tablet and get back to us with your comments.

aheadMetrics with Real-Time Store Analytics Is Open to the Public. Give It a Try!

Good news: today our new aheadMetrics service goes live! Many of you have already bombarded us with requests to develop easy to use comprehensive analytics tool for online stores. And we did it.

aheadMetrics, currently in beta version, will give you all-round analytics of eCommerce stores real-time with sales, customers and products data measurable in any dimensions.


In most cases you don’t need numerous reports with excessive statistics that many services offer. As a contrast, aheadMetrics is focused on in-depth sales, customers, orders and other related data.

Take a look at your sales in general or analyze them by a certain period of time, by country or by customer, get updated on your bestsellers, observe products in users’ wishlists, monitor order statuses and never lose track of how well (in terms of $) your business is doing. View all aheadMetrics features.


We charge nothing for aheadMetrics. Start using the service and collect reports indicating your profit rates by moving to aheadMetrics website and creating your account in a couple of minutes.

Browse through aheadMetrics features, try it for your webstore and get back to us with your opinion. Leave your feedback at, it will be greatly appreciated!

Magento Connect February 2013: What Do We End Up With This Winter Season?

Winter is gone and spring is already here. The weather is getting nicer, daylight slowly increases, animals come out of their winter hideouts… March, originally the first month of the Roman calendar, takes over the reigns. It’s a perfect time for new beginnings, the rebirth of nature and February Magento Connect statistics.

In February we can observe the growth of extensions for the following four categories.

• Category & Product Page Enhancements (+ 21)

This leadership is not accidental. Website is the face of any company: its usability and visibility are among the top reasons making visitors stay longer. No surprise that development companies pay much attentions to the extensions aimed at attracting clients and maximizing potential sales.

The most popular extensions in this category allow adding information tabs and banners on home and product pages, reducing server load and increasing your conversion rate.

A curious thing – this category is a constant dominator throughout the past and present years. Developers are really stuck to it, aren’t they? 😉

OnPulse Is Launch of the Week! Access Magento Store Statistics and Call & Email Customers Directly from Mobile Devices

Do you or your clients operate a Magento website? Do you have a smartphone or a tablet? Your double “yes” indicates that today we launch a brand-new service precisely for you.

We are thrilled to present a free exclusive web-based functionality – OnPulse – allowing merchants to view their store sales statistics right from any iOS/Android mobile device when they don’t have accesses to PC.


Getting used to the OnPulse service is very easy. You download the extension at no charge, notice QR-code in the admin panel and scan it with your mobile gadget.

After that you will be transferred to, where you obtain information on last clients and orders, browse over order statuses and review order items. You can also email customers or give them a call directly from your device.

OnPulse statistics

Benefits of the OnPulse service are quite sufficient to give it a try:

  • Free of charge
  • Installation in 5 minutes
  • No registration required
  • Works with all Magento webstores

It should be emphasized that OnPulse doesn’t store or cache client’s data. The process of data transfer is entirely transparent: a store sends data to our server and the server immediately passes it to a users’ mobile device. Our servers do not contain any client’s data and it is documented in the Privacy Policy.

We encourage you to explore the OnPulse service and leave us your feedback here. Your voice is not only helpful, but also critical – we’ll consider adding new features and altering the existing ones upon your request.

Want to be the first user of OnPulse? Perform the following:

1. Download the extension.

2. Scan QR-code in the admin panel with your mobile device.

OnPulse admin demo

3. Enjoy store statistics displayed in your smartphone or tablet and get back to us with your comments.