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Pre-order Magento 2 Store Locator and Save 30%

The next chance to purchase a valuable Magento 2 extension with the 30% discount appears today since we introduce M2 Store Locator available for pre-ordering in our store.

Pre-order Magento 2 Store Locator and Save 30%

Now, when the extension is on the fast track, we can reveal its essential features and functionality peculiaritiesStore Locator for Magento 2 is a pretty straightforward still valuable solution for merchants running multiple stores, warehouses or offices with physical locations.

The Store Locator extension for Magento 2 pre-orderFor Customers

Using this extension customers are able to search nearest or most suitable store/warehouse locations in two simple ways.

Search by Address

If a customer knows the address of the preferred store, either just country or e.g. country and city, he can easily determine its exact location on the map.

Search by Distance

The second option allows customers to find stores near their current location. For the purpose, customers should specify their current location, search radius and radius measurements and the extension will find, if available, locations corresponding to this input data.

For Merchants

Creating new locations merchants are able to specify their addresses, descriptions, store views, location photos or relevant images and custom Google map markers. The module can determine necessary coordinates automatically by the provided address or you can specify the longitude and latitude of the location on your own.


The configuration of the extension is both clear and flexible allowing you to determine the URL key of the location page, Google API key, page’s link position, search radius options, default search radius values, etc.


More information is available on the product page of the extension. As usually, we plan to release the Magento 2 Store Locator extension within a month, still you can purchase it just now and save 30% of the full price.

Store Locator ver. 1.1 – Only Effective Locating of Your Stores

Customers will certainly appreciate any improvement of the shopping process and return you their gratitude in increased sales and the loyalty.

The Store Locator Magento extensionThe Store Locator extension from our partners is one of those necessary tools, which makes the visit to your store comfortable and pleasant. The module allows visitors to automatically search your nearest physical stores and outlets and get an initial information about these units, including their precise location, transport availability, or building photos for easy orientation.

Despite this extension is comparatively new, our customers highly evaluate its functionality. So, we continue to broaden and deepen it and today are ready to offer you the next version of the module, more efficient and user-friendly.

New Features

Compared to its precursors, the Store locator ver. 1.1 extension has three new features.

Stores within a Certain Radius from the Users’ Location
The new functionality allows customers to locate stores within a determined area around their place of residence.

For the purpose, customers define their location on the Store Locations page and choose the search radius around it, or they can search the nearest stores by an address using Country, State/Province, City, and Zip Code options.

Search by Distance

Search by Distance

The configuration of this option is carried out in the Search Configuration section in the backend. You can specify the radius in kilometers or miles, define the default radius value and affordable radius intervals.

Store Locations Import/Export via CSV (XML)
An initial launch of the extension can be a bit time consuming, when you need to add a large amount of data containing numerous physical stores to you Magento.

Now this obstacle is removed by the newly introduced feature – Store Locations Import/Export. It allows you to upload (download, if necessary) a large number of stores to your Magento installation automatically. This way, the installation and initial extension setting take much less time and efforts.

To the Rescue of Your Physical Offline Shops: Use Store Locator to Highlight Them

We officially announce that Store Locator is no longer in the pre-order status and the extension is available in our store and ready to be used.

This module is a truly must-have solution for merchants operating brick and mortar shops alongside with a Magento-based store. If you are this lucky businessman, you certainly know what gives folks a real pain – the locations of your physical stores hidden deep among neighboring buildings. And while you are thinking over shrewd marketing moves to hit your customers with, they literally get lost on the way to you.

Store Locator

The result wouldn’t be the same if customers saw the map of the area with your stores on it. Many merchants approached us with requests to develop such an extension and we promised them to figure it out. So said, so done.

Today is the day when the Store Locator extension finally appears in our virtual stock to help your clients find the nearest stores with your products. Display your locations on the map and inform customers about places where your offline shops are positioned.

Here is the list of the extension features:

  • Quick store location defining
  • Ability to use Google Maps API Key
  • Map and Satellite views are supported
  • Add URL to the Top Magento Links
  • User-friendly URL of the store locations page
  • Use static block on the store locations page
  • Prioritize store locations
  • Store location images
  • Define description of any location
  • Multistore support

Not sure what some of these features mean? Visit the product page of the extension – read full description, view screenshots and play with the frontend and backend demos there.

Pre-order the Store Locator Extension and Help Customers Find Your Shops on the Map

Have you ever thought how many items of yours were not bought because people simply couldn’t find the location of your store? Wandering through numerous streets, avenues and lanes, customers somethimes have troubles with detecting shops and warehouses they are looking for. Even if they know the certain address, it doesn’t mean they will discover the exact building they need. In this case the map of the area is required.

Our Store Locator solves this problem easily. Using this module, merchants get the opportunity to show their stores and services on the map, so customers can manage to pick up the purchase at appropriate time at the store near their current location.

Now you can pre-order the Store Locator extension with 25% discount for $81. After the official release it will cost $109.