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How Much Support Does a Customer Support Team Need?

Aheadworks experts to reveal the secrets of their top-notch customer support. Come and meet the team, in an up-front talk on their job-role needs and demands. 

How Much Support Does a Support Team Need

Customer-facing roles require high stamina and resilience, even when you worship and admire your job. In a regular workday, a customer support team stretch their emotional intelligence, continuously engage in creative problem-solving, sprint for response times, collect customer feedback, analyse gargantuan volumes of information and write sharp. Awesome people are those, who help! 

Though, let’s face it, these jobs can be exhausting. The expectation for customer support fellas to be relentlessly cheery is dangerous. There is a lot of care a customer support team need too. Just think about:

  • Self-care;
  • Continuous learning;
  • Interpersonal communication;
  • Team care.

Let’s talk to experts, the highly acclaimed Customer Support team from Aheadworks. Let’s see what they say.

You Ask – We Answer. aheadWorks Support FAQ

Editors note:We continue posting about aheadWorks support service. This time there will be more practical advices and useful tips. We want to show our customers and all Magento users that support ticket submission is necessary only in exceptional cases.

Yoг might know that we created and constantly fill up a section of our e-commerce store called Kbase or Knowledge Base. This section aims at answering the most frequent customers’ questions regarding our extensions. In this post we will examine some of these questions and if you have any that are not covered by this article, please, refer to our Kbase.

Answers to questions for those who plan to buy our extensions.

1. I run several web-stores. Do I have to purchase several copies of the extension?

Flash Sale! 360-Day Free Support in aheadWorks Store

We announce FLASH SALE in aheadWorks Magento extensions store!

Buy any extension in our store within upcoming 3 days starting from today until September 2 and get free support all year long – 360 days.

See how it works.

1. Choose the extension to purchase.

2. Select “360 Days (FREE until Sep 2)” in the Support period dropdown menu.

Free 360-day support

3. Proceed to Checkout.

4. Enjoy your free support all year round.

Keep in mind that Flash Sale is available 3 days only until September 2, so hurry up!

The Only Lady in aheadWorks Support Team Answers 40 Customers’ Questions per Day

Ekaterina_Sobolkova_aheadWorksHere in aheadWorks blog we publish a lot of information regarding our Magento extensions and development process. It’s such a shame we tell you so little about our support department.

aheadWorks support team is just as big as our development crew (!). Support engineers and customer care specialists literally work days and nights to make you, our customer, happy. You communicate with them daily, but barely have an idea of who they are, and we feel guilty about that. Today we put a spotlight on aheadWorks support starting from the talk with the only lady in aheadWorks support team – Ekaterina Sobolkova.

Ekaterina Sobolkova is a Customer Care Team Leader in aheadWorks. She has been working in our company for 1.5 years and has already answered 5,142 tickets so far! It is about 40 customers’ questions per day. It is rather impressive for such a fragile girl, isn’t it?

Ekaterina has kindly agreed to answer our questions and share some private information with our blog readers.

What types of questions do you usually answer?
E: The majority of my tickets are presale questions – whether the extension can do this or that, what are the main functions of the extension, is it compatible with the merchant’s Magento version, can he or she get the discount, can we customize the extension for customers. Also it happens very often that a presale question turns into technical.

Ekaterina, you have answered so many customers’ questions. What are the most popular?
E: Typical support questions for Magento development company are:

  • Can your extension do this or that?
  • I can’t place the order. What should I do?
  • I can’t log in. What should I do?
  • Can you give me the discount?

Is it hard to be the only lady in the support team?
E: It’s quite OK! In childhood I used to play with boys more often than with girls. Moreover, our team is very friendly and willing to help, so there is no big difference between men and women here.

3 Big Bonuses You Lose If Your Support Period Is Inactive

aheadWorks support

Being our regular reader or visiting our blog now and then, you may notice that we mention the ‘support period’ term frequently and often in relation to updates and new module releases. We encourage customers to extend the support period and check its status (it should be active), but you probably wonder – why on Earth you should do that. I’ll tell you what benefits you receive with an active support period.

1. Free access to 3 most recent extension versions

We constantly add improvements, major and minor, to our products. By default, with the basic price of an extension you get 90 days of the product support. Once it ends, we recommend extending it. Upon support period renewal you obtain free access to 3 most recent product updates including new versions that come out during the period. With inactive support period the list of versions available for downloading does not get updated and technical support isn’t provided.

New process of support providing

The everyday practice and regular improvement of skills allowed aheadWorks support team to provide our customers with the maintenance of the highest quality. This fact allows us to offer our clients a renewed process of providing support.

While buying our extension, you are offered to select the support period of 90, 180 or 360 days which includes highly qualified maintenance of this product as well as an ability to download the module upgrades.

Learn more at our Knownledge Base.