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Viacheslav Kravchuk: ” I’d start with checkout…”

Editor’s note: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 

At this festive time we’d like to offer you not just a business information, as it really sounds boring today, but a valuable advice. In this post we’ll focus on some tips of the conversions optimization and the best ways of its analysis.

For this purpose, we asked Viacheslav Kravchuk, CEO and founder of Atwix, to answer our questions on the topic.




Viacheslav has more than 7 years of experience in e-commerce and a Master Degree in Computer Science. He is also a Certified Scrum Master and Qualified Google Analytics professional. Image source: Twitter.com

Being a CEO and owner of Atwix, Viacheslav manages all aspects of the business and customer relationships. He started building websites in 2002 and worked as a freelancer for the next 4 years. In 2006,  he founded his first company CRE Help, specializing in OSCommerce and custom PHP work.

In 2010, CRE Help added Magento Community and Enterprise to its profile, was re-branded, and now is known as Atwix.

aW: We know that you are an active member of the Magento Community and often take part in different Magento dedicated events as a speaker. What is the most exciting Magento event for you personally?

Viacheslav: Personally for me the most exciting event was Meet Magento Ukraine, as we were co-organising it and this was the first time that we have took part in the event’s organisation at all.

aW: Tell us a couple of words about your impressions of Meet Magento Ukraine 2014, please.

Viacheslav: Meet Magento Ukraine was quite a challenge for us. After I have made a decision together with Sergiy Lysak, CEO of Eltrino, that we’re going to make a Meet Magento Ukraine event in Kyiv back in November 2013, a lot has happened.

We do it for people, and the people’s opinion is what really matters

Our country has went through the mass protests, dramatic violence of public authorities, escape of the former president, russian annexation of Crimea and attempts to capture some of the eastern regions of Ukraine, shooting of MH17 airplane over Donbass. All this along with the economical crisis. So, as you can imagine, that did not help us much to gather attendees.

My opinion will definitely be subjective, as I’ve seen the event only from the inside. Like pretty much all of the Meet Magento organisers, we do it for people, and the people’s opinion is what really matters. In this context, I was really glad to hear the pleasant and warm feedback. So, overall I am happy with what we were able to accomplish.

aW: The conversion rate optimization is the latest subject of your public speeches. Why is the analytical background so important for proper researches and what primary tools would you recommend for newbies?

Viacheslav: I believe that today’s technology does not really require you to have an analytical background to set up A/B tests with what the majority of store owners are willing to experiment. I’d suggest Optimizely and Google Analytics as the main tools for beginners.

Searching for volunteers to test our new Magento extension

Hello friends, we are almost done with our new Magento extension that will significantly improve the search functionality of any Magento store. We have tested it thoroughly and it looks very good.

Right now we are searching for some volunteers from the Magento community to finalize our tests. Every volunteer will get a significant discount after the extension’s official release.

No matter what version of Magento you run – the only requirement is to have 1000+ items in your store.

Please, contact Peter Samoilov at samoilov@aheadworks.com for further details.