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8 Convincing Reasons to Buy aheadWorks Magento Products

Merchants who run Magento stores know that this feature-rich platform has a global community of partners and developers. Most of these specialists are highly qualified and offer a great variety of robust extensions and certified professional integration help.

That’s why when a store owner needs to implement additional functionality in a store he or she faces the difficult choice: which provider to give preference to? In this post you’ll find out about the benefits offered by aheadWorks to its customers. Let’s start!

Use Magento products from aheadWorks

How to Choose the Right Magento Theme for Furniture and Houseware Stores

Make yourself comfortable, ladies and gentlemen. We continue talking about reasonable algorithms to adopt while choosing themes for your Magento webstore.

In two previous posts we described the main design principles for shops oriented on retailing of electronics and apparel, shoes & accessories products. This post is aimed to help merchants choose a proper Magento theme correlating to their e-business selling furniture and housewares.

Magento Themes for Furniture and Houseware Stores

How to Choose the Right Magento Theme for Apparel, Shoe and Accessories Stores

We continue our series of articles about Magento themes. Last week we paid attention to general principles of choosing themes for electronics retail stores and Magento solutions on the market. In this post we will speak about designs for apparel, shoe and accessories stores.

Merchants can easily get lost among numerous themes created by a myriad of Magento developers. We will give some hints for those who are going to open a new online clothing store or have one and want to bring a new breath to their website. Some ready-made solutions from aheadWorks will be described here as well.

How to Choose the Right Magento Theme for an Electronics Retail Store

Choosing an appropriate Magento theme for a store is not an easy thing. Experts specify different options to be considered while selecting Magento templates to fit the store. Among must-haves usually are:

  • compatibility with desired products and audience
  • visual appeal
  • simple installation and activation

All above-mentioned criteria are important and shouldn’t be ignored regardless of the online store specialization. But what Magento themes are good specifically for stores oriented on selling video and electronic appliances, audio gear, cell phones, cameras?

Our updated themes are compatible with Magento CE v. and v.!

The success of a retail store can be heavily influenced by the chosen color scheme, its layout design and atmosphere created by the retailers. All of these are equally important elements for online store success. You never get a second chance to make the first impression.

Leave this hard work to professionals. Save your time and benefit from our ready to use themes for different kind of stores!

Today is the great day, as aheadWorks releases 6 significant themes that are compatible with Magento CE v. and v. Stand out among all with your own unique style!

Meet New Free Stuff from aheadWorks!

aheadWorks team keeps working hard to meet the requirements of our customers and make them pleased. We have a great piece of news for you. The list of our free stuff has been extended. Today we are happy to announce the release of 5 themes that can be downloaded for free from now on.

Moreover, we are doing our utmost to make our extensions and themes support the latest Magento version. Here is one more exciting piece of news: all of the updated templates are compatible with Magento CE v.

aheadWorks offers a great number of gorgeous Magento templates to have a complete control over the look of your online shop. With our themes, you can easily create an effective and eye-catching website and find the most appropriate design for your store.

Among the updated Magento themes you can find the following ones.

Magento Go Add-ons launched

Today Magento Go launched an online store at
Here you can find all the extensions and themes you need for your Magento Go store. Now you have more opportunities to enrich your store with our professional and up-to-date features that clearly make your business look attractive for customers.
Get the complete list of Magento Go themes and add-ons from aheadWorks available at

Make your website look unique and save 40% on any our Magento theme

aheadWorks Co. never stops springing surprises. Today we are glad to offer all Magento-based store owners our professionally designed, easy to install, and fully customizable Magento themes and templates at knock-down prices – 40% off on any skin from aheadWorks.

The range of our templates is impressive – you can select a universal or theme-based skin for your store out of 38 Magento themes split in our site by product type for easier navigation:

    • Devices and Appliances
      Shopping online for computer and electronic goods, mobile devices, and various gadgets does save time and money, and for a good reason tops the list of most popular online purchases. Not only should your store provide excellent and detailed descriptions of the products, but also present them in a modern way resounding the cutting-edge technologies they introduce.
Gadgets Store
Cellular Store
Home Appliances
    • Home and Interior
      Create a snug atmosphere for your house-proud customers who look for interior items, furniture, and other homeware. Created specifically for this category of products, our Magento themes are bright and cozy – perfect for relaxed and easy weekend shopping for one’s home.
Home Supplies
Interior Design
Modern Furniture
    • Shoes and Clothes
      Our Magento Themes for stores selling Shoes and Clothes look attractive and sophisticated. Stylish and modern store selling apparel communicates the message of glamour, fashion, beauty, and confidence that fancy shoppers appreciate so much. This improved look and feel of your online store guarantees better user experience converting into better revenues for you.
    • Accessories and Gifts
      An online store selling accessories of all kinds should look posh and tempt with glamour like a shopwindow of an expensive designer boutique downtown. Accessories are most frequently purchased gifts for various holidays and occasions. Do take a moment to select an appropriate theme for your Accessories and Gifts Magento-based store. It will pay back!
Watch Store
Flower Shop
    • Sports and Leisure
      For energetic, active, and cheerful, there’s no way better to shop than in a modern online store selling professional clothes, equipment, and accessories for sports, hobbies, and other leisure activities. Check out our Magento themes and templates created specifically for this category of shoppers.
Media Store
Teen Sports
    • Food and Drink
      Shouldn’t your e-shop look appetizing when you sell Food and Drink? Our Magento themes for this type of online store look fresh and mouth-watering to not only showcase the products in the best possible, most savory way, but also to talk to the customer on a gut level.
Green Shop
Wine Shop

Find the whole list of skins from aheadWorks at the Magento themes and templates page.

Make mobile shopping in your store a snap for both Android and iPhone users

According to the Mobile Marketing Association, 59% of mobile consumers plan to make use of their phone for shopping and planning purposes this holiday season. Those who simply ignore or just underestimate this trend risk missing out on a tremendous opportunity for increasing their sales conversion rate.

With the iPhone Theme from aheadWorks Co., your 2010 holiday strategy will have an advantage in winning the niche in mobile commerce. Since 1.1 version, this Magento theme offers iPhone OS 4.2 and Android compatibility what will be definitely appreciated by all smartphones wannabes.

With the resolution independence feature, the iPhone Theme provides the best user experience and allows avoiding forcing users to squint at everything they do on-screen. All buttons and other elements are now displayed as good as possible irrespective of display resolution.

The following bugs have been fixed in the iPhone Theme v.1.1:

  • Desktop links in footer menu
  • Incorrect center alignment of AJAX cart loader
  • All web service’s responses to store with iPhone Theme failed
  • Search doesn’t work in Magento EE
  • Viewport width defined incorrectly
  • Any order with comments crashes in customer account in Magento 1.3.*
  • PayPal UK Direct method displayed incorrectly
  • iPhone Theme doesn’t work in category with custom design
  • Customer’s registration area with additional fields displayed incorrectly

You can find more information about this aheadWorks product on the iPhone Theme page.

iPhone Theme for mobile Magento has been released

iPhone ThemeMore than a skin.

It’s not just a simple mobile Magento template – actually it’s a revolutionary hybrid of a superior theme and a full-value extension.

We’ve enriched its functionality with AJAX cart and integrated advanced navigation.
Say goodbye to annoying page reloads when adding items to cart or searching the store, and browse with ease and simplicity.

Fully automatized.

The iPhone Theme for Magento has its own automatic identification.
It detects device, when your visitors get to your website using iPhone, switches between iPhone or desktop theme, and then pushes them to the right one.

Advanced User Interface.

Theme layout and UI elements are developed especially for mobile devices:

• Large fonts and buttons,
• Instant search without page reloads,
• Cart access from any page,
• and much more

Everything eases your iPhone clients browsing.

All our existent customers, who have at least one completed order, get the discount automatically – you can find the coupon in your customer area.

Remember that this offer runs only till the end of this month. So you’d better hurry up!

The cost of the iPhone Theme for Magento Community Edition is $149.00 and for Enterprise Edition – $499.00

With the discount, you’ll get

  • Community Edition for $99.00 (save $50)
  • Enterprise Edition for $332.00 (save $167)


Introducing a Magento theme for a single product store

In today’s internet marketing, the upward “single product store” trend is traced. You can sell only one item – software, license, book, etc. – or have a multi-store where site with one item is bound to the general store with large range of goods, but you still need a special Magento theme.

If you are such merchant searching for a single product Magento template, you are at the right place. Among our 38 SEO-friendly skins for Magento, there is one applicable exactly for a mini store – the I Love You theme from aheadWorks.

Bright and even a bit aggressive, the I Love You template allures. The JavaScript slider on the homepage attracts attention and calls to action. Usable design and ease of purchase add 2 more advantages in favor of this single product template.


Due to the absence of overload and redundancy, the I Love You theme allows you to focus your site visitors’ attention on the item and avoid distracting by less important information. The navigation of this Magento template is simple and intuitive what creates a homelike atmosphere in your single product store.

You can always customize any theme element – background, font size, slider images, or whatever else – as the PSD source is included in every Magento template from aheadWorks. You also don’t have to worry about installation – with step by step guide you’ll fulfill all required theme configurations in few minutes.

Please, feel free to visit the I Love You page where you can find the skin demo and complete description of this template for a single product store.

Wanna catch a glimpse of our iPhone Theme for Magento?

Time is inexorable and November 24 is near at hand! It means that only 12 days left before aheadWorks will introduce Magento iPhone Theme.

Today we decided to go backstage and show how your store can look like with our iPhone Theme for Magento. Welcome to the video preview of our new product!

Don’t forget that everyone subscribed to iPhone Theme segment will get a significant discount on this item during the first week of sales. You didn’t know? Then hurry up to tick off the proper segment on the main page of our site.

Set aside all hesitations and you’ll see why your 2011 won’t be like 2010 in mobile sales!

Introducing the Blue Session theme for Magento

The Blue Session template is not just a cute, modern, and easy-to-customize skin applicable for Magento stores of different business fields. This template is a fully-featured ecommerce tool with a number of already implemented marketing tricks:

1. Home page carrousel to showcase any products
Having a stunning effect on your site visitors, the built-in flash element makes this template an appealing instrument in promoting your new or on sale products on the main page of your Magento store.

2. Popular categories and Quick Links bar on the home page
With the Blue Session theme you can easily pay your customers’ attention to the most popular and important information in your Magento store.

3. My Cart displayed throughout the entire site
The My Cart block is shown on every page of your Magento website reminding your customers of the already added products and, as a result, reducing the number of abandoned carts.

The Blue Session theme, as well as any other Magento template from aheadWorks, satisfies the highest programming and design requirements. Our skin is fast loading, completely customizable, and easy to install due to the step by step installation guide and PSD source included in the theme package.

You are welcome to play with our Magento template in a demo store and get more information about this theme on the Blue Session page.

Welcome new Magento theme from aheadWorks – Orange Furniture

The Orange Furniture Magento template is imbued with a particular aura of good taste and elegance, what is especially desirable for stores selling modern furniture, home décor and interior products, or any other natural goods.

The stylish design of this theme, the wood-like background, and color saturation add originality and peculiarity to the Orange Furniture template for Magento making your website memorable and setting your business ahead of your competitors.

A weighty argument in favour of the Orange Furniture Magento template is a My Cart block displayed in the left column and in the top links throughout the entire site. This theme feature makes your customers’ shopping cart rather visible to forget completing the order.

By the way, the top links of the theme are accompanied by the predefined icons. Though these images are intuitively understandable, you can always substitute them for your own in this eye-catching template for Magento stores.

Our Magento theme is perfectly good for sites with wide range of products. Firstly, it is due to the noticeable Search field of the template, which allows your customers to find required products in split seconds. And secondly, because of the theme’s Back To Top link, which allows visitors to come back to the top of any page and avoid vertical scrolling.

The Orange Furniture template package includes:

  • PSD source which allows you to customize this Magento theme in the way you like
  • Step by step guide which makes our skin installation fast and easy breezy

We invite you to the Orange Furniture page, where you can get more information about this Magento theme and find a link to the template demo.

Introducing a Magento theme for a health food store

In recent years, the more and more preference is given to the health nutrition theme rather than fast food. If you are the owner of a store which is specialized at healthy eating or agriculture, you might be interested in the Green Shop Magento template from aheadWorks. Below you will find the short review of this theme.

The color scheme and template design
The Green Shop theme looks inviting and friendly due to light background with green and orange bright accents. Delicious fruits used as design elements will fit presentations on healthy food and life. A two column layout of this Magento template allows you to highlight the content you want your visitors to actually pay attention to.


Menu style
The Green Shop Magento theme has a vertical left-to-right direction drop-down menu. The currently viewing category is highlighted what provides template usability.

Skin features
Our Green Shop template has the following distinctive features:

  • Magento 1.4* compatibility
  • New products showcase on the homepage
  • Easily noticeable shopping cart with a quick view
  • My Cart displayed throughout the entire site
  • Fast loading
  • SEO friendly
  • Satisfies the highest programming and design requirements


What’s included
With the Green Shop template we grant PSD source so you can creatively customize this Magento theme further for your requirements. Green Shop makes installing this template a breeze with step by step guide included in every aheadWorks Magento theme package.

If you want to discover more features of this Magento skin, please visit the Green Shop template page and try the theme demo.