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Magento Extensions Quality: Providers, Codes, Community

The code quality of Magento extensions is a subject of multiple discussions and starting point for several useful initiatives. Both, Magento merchants and solution providers need high-quality and reliable third-party extensions for their stores and projects.

Magento Extensions Code Evaluation

And if professionals have already found safe and beneficial selection standards, merchants can still be confused, when they purchase one or another third-party Magento extension. So, we’ll try to find out some necessary criteria of that choice for store owners and Magento admins.

Magento Extensions Selection

There is no need to remind you that not all Magento extensions provide sufficient quality and their price is not the ultimate cost of their installation. They may carry so called “hidden” expenses associated with security vulnerabilities or platform breaks as a result of the module’s functioning. These hidden expenses may exceed the cost of the extension many times and take much effort to fix them. So, we need a reliable basis, we could use, during our selection of a third-party Magento extension.

Magento Partner Program totals 74 technology partners. Source: Magento

Reliability of the Extension Provider
The reliability of an extension provider is the matter of multiple factors, including its business reputation, maturity of business, developer’s rating among other companies, the number of customers and products, confirmed expertise of the staff, etc. Choosing the best provider you eliminate the majority of potential issues related to the code and functionality.

Extension’s Support
Most vendors provide technical support of their products, but the quality and effectiveness of it may differ. However, it is a very significant aspect of the post-purchase customer service able to handle multiple technical issues.

Extension’s Reviews
Despite the value of online reviews is compromised significantly today, they still remain one of very important quality indicators and worth your close attention.

Refund Availability and Terms
The last strong-hold of your calmness and safety of finances are refunds. The longer is the refund availability period, the more chances you have to test the module properly and make sure that this product is the one you need.

General Code Evaluation

Simple and Effective Codes
The adjective “simple” is, perhaps, even more important for the code quality, as it describes a clear code and obvious business logic easily perceived by other developers. Meanwhile, effective codes provide extension’s functionality in the best possible manner balancing between the simplicity and full-value performance.