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50 Magento SEO Tips and Hints

Magento Search Engine Optimization is the process of improving website to increase its visibility in search engines. It’s often used as an Internet marketing strategy, and, moreover, SEO has become the strongest Internet marketing tool ever.

The fact that it is very topical at the moment, let’s talk about simple but sufficiently effective ways of improving your online store. More traffic doesn’t mean more purchases but it’s definitely a big step towards it.

According to the latest research of a global search engines market share, Google is still a confident leader with 87,6% of market. That’s why it makes sense to orient theMagento SEO optimization for Google search. Bellow you will find some advices on how to make you online store ranking better than it is, how to pick correct keywords, work with links, and which Google sources you can use to check the data of your store and control the changes.

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How to make your Magento website navigation efficient

The key element of a website design, which relates directly to its success, is navigation. Over complicated and over designed menu (especially changing its placement, typography, or colors from page to page) doesn’t raise clickability. Website visitors get frustrated and won’t hang around such a site very long – they are more likely to go to your competitors.

We are ready to share the secrets of effective website navigation with all Magento-based store owners. Three basic principles are the following:

1. Make the navigation easier
Proper menu style is a fundamental pillar while creating accessible and usable websites. So the critical importance of intuitive, easy to find and use navigation cannot be overestimated. If the links are not obvious, your store visitors will click away never to return. Select the menu style suitable for your store design and allow your visitors flow through your site and find the required information as quickly as possible.

2. The less clicks the better
A website must respond instantly to its visitors’ instincts. While travelling around your site, users should get to the required pages quick enough. A necessity to come back to the category page each time to visit the next product page is rather time consuming and really annoying. Make your store content reachable within fewer clicks and your visitors will surely stay longer on your website.

3. Provide convenient search
The advanced search through the site is not just a useful tool but essential component of website navigation. According to Double Jump Media research, the percentage of website visitors who purchase after using on-site search is a significant 37%. It’s rather convincing to ignore the search functionality as an important factor for web users when making a purchase. Set up the advanced search for your site and achieve the same or even better results!

We hope that these tips will help you make your website navigation really efficient and be ahead of your competitors.