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Six Simple Steps for Developing Marketing Plan (part 1)

Inspired with the “The Perfect Customer Lifecycle” white paper from Infusionsoft, I decided to provide you with the simple six steps that act as a framework for developing your sales and marketing process. Don’t miss a chance to increase your sales and get a greater profit. Let’s dig a little deeper into each of the steps.

Entice traffic

Consumers became more adapted to the modern world full of advertising. Paid advertising is not the key to the traffic to your website anymore. Now you have to create valuable content for earning traffic and attracting visitors.

After you’ve created interesting content, you’re facing another problem: how would people find it?

Search engine optimization.SEO is a technique which helps search engines to find and rank your site higher than the millions of other sites. The higher search engine ranking, the more people will see your site.

Get a Lot of Free Advertising and the Highest Traffic Rank

To have good positions at the modern competitive marketplace, store owners have to find new ideas for promoting their sites. It becomes more and more difficult to invent unique features that will attract customers precisely to your Magento shop.

There are certain tricks that can affect website traffic profoundly. If you want to make your online store really pleasing and popular, the Video Testimonials and Facebook Link extensions for Magento are ‘must have’.

Increase Your Converted Traffic from Watchers to Buyers

If you want to increase search engine traffic and attract more visitors to your Magento store, it’s really important to make your website informative and content-rich. The site should contain plenty of useful information, while your content should be authentic and unique.

The Product Questions and Knowledge Base Magento extensions from aheadWorks are helpful in achieving these goals. They make your site popular and successful among the target customers and keep the users informed and pleased at the same time.