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15 New Features on Twitter We Can Benefit from

 2013 Twitter Changes Recap

2013 was a busy year for Twitter resulted in multiple interface and functionality changes.

Recently Twitter announced a lot of changes, which touched both user-related functionality and advertising facilities of the platform. Someone may call it evolution, and others will consider as a growing competition among social networks. Anyway, Twitter becomes better and we can apparently benefit from these changes.

Pictures in feeds
One of the most remarkable enhancements was adding a possibility to view tweet pictures and photos within users’ feeds. Users no longer need to click on source tweets to see pictures, and therewith we got more colorful and attractive Twitter streams.

Twitter alerts

New Twitter alerts made it possible to get emergency notifications, amplified with orange bell icons, pushed by public organizations and institutions.

Photos sharing
Since December 2013 Twitter’s users are able to share their photos via direct messages on iOS and Android platforms.

Redesigned Twitter profiles are available for some celebrities

Galleries instead of keyboards
Now iOS Twitter app firstly offers to choose a photo from the gallery before starting to type a message. This is a clear motivation to publish more photos and defines how Twitter sees the primary way for interacting with the platform.

Twitter recommendation notifications
Last year Twitter rolled out personalized notifications about new prominent network entrants, mass retweets, and favoring.

The 2014 will hardly be easier for Twitter than 2013, as it has lots of plans for this year.

New Players vs. Traditional Social Networks. Who will Get the Trophy?

We always strive to find out something new, funny, and unexplored. On the other hand, we like to use lovely and handy things, and online services are not the exception. In line with this, it seems to be absolutely natural that mastodons of social networking absorb up to 80% of global internet audience. But do they rest on their laurels or suffer fierce competition from new entrants? Let us consider this.

Most used global social networks

According to GlobalWebIndex, the current global ranking of Facebook looks invincible and has the shortest gap between the overall number of accounts and active user quantity. Only Instagram seems to be able to get the same ratio in the nearest future, while YouTube, Google+, Twitter, and LinkedIn users are more willing to abandon their accounts.

About 10% of users have no account in the mentioned above social networks, and this is a true confirmation of the online freewill.

Instagram increased its active users base by 23% in the Q4 2013, according to GlobalWebIndex, and it is the fastest growth among other platforms.

Twitter is 8 Years Old. Perfect Age for Enhancements

For the Magento community Twitter is the main platform for communication and we really like it. 

Last Friday Twitter celebrated its eighth birthday and we’d like to remind you some amazing and, hopefully, useful facts about Twitter, and reveal its plans for the future.

On its birthday Twitter released a service, where users can check their the “first ever tweet”. We used it, and the result looks really nostalgically.

Eight Years of Tweeting

What are the results of these eight years?

  • Twitter value is more than $30 billion (Source: Yahoo News);
  • It has more than one billion registered users and 250 million monthly active users, which send about 500 million tweets a day (According to Twitter);
  • Average number of tweets per Twitter user – 307 (Source: Mediabistro);
  • 16% of U.S. Internet users are on Twitter. (Source: Mediabistro)

It’s really impressive, isn’t it? You will be surely more impressed by the greatest Twitter accounts:

  1. Katty Perry @katyperry Followers – 51.717.622;
  2. Justin Bieber @justinbieber – 50 489 106;
  3. Barack Obama @BarackObama – 42.213.149;

We also decided to check Twitter accounts of some eCommerce platforms (see the results below).

  1. Shopify – 93.954;
  2. Magento @magento – 42.951;
  3. Volusion – 33.032;
  4. Prestashop – 15.030;
  5. Virtuemart – 3.530;
  6. osCommerce – 2.334.

15 Tips How to Write Effective Tweets

Twitter is extremely popular today with over 500 million active users, generating over 340 million tweets daily and handling over 1.6 billion search queries per day. It is a great tool for engaging a global audience into two-way communication. It’s vital to understand the best practices for engaging followers on Twitter not to get lost in this avalanche of messages. Thus, to succeed on the network, you must put a lot of effort.

I’m going to provide 15 simple but profound tips how to write effective tweets.

Choose the appropriate time

Numerous researches show that tweets published during “busy hours” (8a.m.-7p.m.) receive higher engagement than tweets published outside that time frame. Posting in the afternoon during the peak traffic time for Twitter (1-3p.m.) is your best chance at achieving high click-through rate. Posting after 8p.m. should be avoided. Tweet on the days that are the best for your industry.

Tweet four times per day or less

It’s important to figure out how to pace your tweets throughout the day. Plan your tweet schedule according to the days your tweets perform best, and tweet more frequently on those particular days. The more you tweet per day, the less engaging your tweets may become. Your followers will be tired of incessant messages and will not pay attention even to important pieces of news.

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