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Create a complete picture of your business situation

The Advanced Reports extension improves functionality of native Magento reports and creates a complete picture of your business situation. Advanced Reports is a perfect solution for all your reporting needs whether you want to display data from various charts, aggregate information by week or anything else.

In the Advanced Reports v.2.2 released today, a bulk of new features has been implemented. For example, now you don’t have to set up date range every time you navigate to next report – just select the required period once and analyse different aspects of your sales.

With the Advanced Reports Magento extension you can get more information from your “Sales Report” as a “customer group” column has been added to this report type. Also, “Sales Report” has its own data cache now.

Advanced Reports and additional Units upgrade

Today we released the new version of the Advanced Reports extension – 2.1.1 – and glad to announce that some minor bugs have been fixed making this module more stable.

In the Sales by Coupon Code and Sales by ZIP Code units, the “Shipping” column has been added. Now you can find out not only the amount of taxes, discounts, and refunded sums, but view the shipping total as well.

Sales by Coupon Code


Sales by ZIP Code

We are also happy to notify you that the updated versions of the following Advanced Reports additional units have been released:

  • Customers by Country 1.0.2
  • Sales by Payment Type 1.0.2
  • Sales Statistics 1.0.3
  • New vs. Returning 1.0.3
  • Sales by Manufacturer 1.0.3

You can find more information on the Advanced Reports and Advanced Reports Units page.

More Info
Advanced Reports for Magento 2 is the successor of the Advanced Reports extension compatible with Magento 2 stores. The module inherited almost all popular reports, including Sales Overview, Product Performance, Sales Detailed, Magento 2 Report by Country, Sales by Manufacturer, etc. In fact, now it is a sterling analytical solution able to conveniently provide versatile valuable data.

New Advanced Report unit released – Sales by Payment Type!

Today we are happy to announce that the number of Advanced Reports Units attachments has been increased with the Sales by Payment Type unit.

The main function of this report type can be easily guessed on the assumption of its name – Sales by Payment Type displays sales data grouped by payment methods. Thus it allows you to analyze how customers prefer to pay for their purchases in your store.

Sales by Payment Type

Interested? Visit the Advanced Reports page and find more information about Sales by Payment Type and other units attachments.

Advanced Reports – extension and unit update!

To make the Advanced Reports extension compatible with recently released Magento v.1.4, we refused the idea of making any modifications in native Magento reports and have left them unaffected in the new version of Advanced Reports – reporting period range is not accessible in native reports anymore.

At the same time, one more advanced report has been implemented during the extension upgrading – the Sales report. This report type is the enhanced version of Magento Sales Report which allows you to display sales data on the chart and set up the pre-defined reporting period range.

Besides the New vs. Returning Customers unit for the Advanced Reports extension has undergone several changes. The unit has become not only absolutely compatible with Magento v.1.4, but it has become more informative – the percentage of new and returning customers is now automatically calculated and displayed as well.

Interested? Find more information about the extension and unit on the Advanced Reports page.

Advanced Reports 2.0.1 – new version and new units!

The first units had been barely released when the list of Advanced Reports attachments was enlarged! Four new units are waiting for your approval:

The Sales by ZIP Code report displays sales data grouped by ZIP code. This is a kind of geographical report which allows you to analyze the sales in different parts of your city, state or the whole country.

Sales by ZIP Code

With the Sales by Coupon Code report type you can get the complete information about orders made with coupons usage. This is a perfect way to analyze promotions results.

Sales by Coupon Code

The Users Wishlists report allows you to observe which products have been added to customers’ wishlists. Moreover, you can find out when the product has been added and how many days this item is in the wishlist.

Users Wishlists

The New vs. Returning Customers report allows you to make a comparative analysis of new customers who made the 1st order during the selected period with returning customers who made the 2nd and more orders within the same time.

New vs. Returning Customers

The Advanced Reports extension by aheadWorks is more stable now as the following minor bugs have been fixed:

  • Filtering doesn’t work in Opera
  • Filtering doesn’t work for “store”, “datetime” and “select” column types
  • Sorting for report without data error
  • Standard “strptime” function is not used anymore
  • Varien_Object() error for Magento v.

Please find more information about units and the Advanced Reports module on the extension page.

Advanced Reports 2.0 with units support released!

Since version 2.0 the Advanced Reports extension supports the units attachment what means that you can set up Advanced Reports 2.* for your store and add the reports YOU need:

UnitThe Customers by country report displays sales data grouped by country. This report type allows you to compare the total number of accounts created in your store for a certain period of time with the quantity of accounts from which orders have been made.

Customers by Country

With the Sales by Manufacturer report you can learn how many products of a certain manufacturer have been bought for a defined period of time.

Sales by Manufacturer

The Sales Statistics features average order amount and average item cost data. This information is displayed on the chart. The other sales data (the number of orders, items, subtotal, tax, discounts, etc.) is reflected in this report type as well.
Sales Statistics

These three units just top the list and their number will be enlarged in the nearest future. Remember that you can always ask for report you require!

Unit’s engine is not the only new feature we would like to inform you about. One more piece of good news is that with the new version of Advanced Reports you get an opportunity to filter data in Sales Report – now all the values (SKU, product name, manufacturer, cost, etc.) are available for filtering.

Besides, the Advanced Reports extension allows you to get more precise and complete information – a new Total field has been added to all reports types.

Moreover the extension works more stable than before as the following bugs have been fixed:

  • Small resolution formatting
  • Advanced Reports sorting

Please find more information about Advanced Reports units on the extension page.

Note that units don’t work separately – only as an attachment for the Advanced Reports extension 2.*