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Monthly Updates – August 2019

At the edge of the season, with changes in mind, it is time to analyze the past and see prospects for the future. August review of monthly updates to Aheadworks extensions prompt change!

August monthly updates to Aheadworks extensions

Each monthly review of extensions updates makes it evident, that here at Aheadworks we spare no effort to keep our radars up to the latest developments in the field. Furthermore, we always look into your feedback with a close eye and project wisely for the future of our extensions. With the wheels turning, we gear your business towards success!

This summer, when speaking about updates, we focused on:

  • code refactoring;
  • improving UI and UX;
  • enhancing native Magento functionality;
  • detecting and fixing bugs;
  • and of course, empowering our modules with new features.

The vibrant energy of summer at Aheadworks was generously given to:

Improved content management with Magento 2 PageBuilder, or what’s new in Magento 2 Blog 2.5

Magento 2.3 upgrade and PageBuilder support for easy store content creation are now available in Magento 2 Blog 2.5!

What it takes to achieve positive results from the right content composition? What is the right content layout at all?
Well, the answer is easy but not really satisfying. It depends. Firstly, you need to decide the goals you are aiming at with your content? What message do you want to deliver? Are there any particular audience segments you want to influence?

There are situations when a layout works just fine and those when you need specific blocks or settings to visualize your content correctly. Assuming, lots of images and captions are essential for any product page, service or navigation pages involve advanced text configuration. It is understandable when it comes to differentiating the pages on the base of purpose, but we want to present the way to smear the boundaries at all with a single application in hand.

More in details

Magento 2 PageBuilder is a functionality that helps create any page in a store in a most user-friendly way. Whether you need to divide info into tabs, or highlight the crucial parts with links and buttons, or prove the words with pictures and videos, the intuitive drag-and-drop composer allows you to make any layout with ease.

Magento 2 Blog

We have waited anxiously for the Magento 2.3 update to become a part of a content-management-in-a-few-steps community and enhance our existing extensions to comply with the latest demand in UI experience. With Magento 2 Blog 2.5 all the features of PageBuilder are available for our users of Commerce version extensions. Nothing can be simpler to control that a fully open composer with the unlimited number of edit possibilities.

What else can we brag about? Eventually, we have covered all the links to related products and posts with colorful thumbnails that are pulled in from the featured images. Also, we have improved the user-experience related fields to satisfy the most needs for blog writers and readers with RSS feeds and tags as related content identifiers. Sounds good? We feel the same.
If you are interested, all the features that make our Blog so powerful (and much more info on our best-sellers) we mentioned in the update list. Go ahead and explore!

One more notable announcement is that all our extensions that imply the usage of the WYSIWYG editor will be upgraded to provide Magento 2 PageBuilder support.
Follow the news to be the first to know about the test results on Magento 2 PageBuilder implementation!

Welcome Our August Product Updates

Now, when the new high commercial season starts gaining momentum, we’d like to present you our latest product updates.

Welcome August Updates

The new features are going to be useful for both our existing customers and perspectives, so we welcome you to note some Magento extensions able to make your stores good and ready for new sales.

Magento Gift Card / Certificate extensionGift Card / Certificate 2.0.3

Gift cards become especially popular during holiday seasons, so this extension receives some valuable features just in time.

Backend Gift Card Orders

From this very moment Magento admins are able to create the orders containing gift card products directly from the backend. This functionality is necessary, when you process offline gift card requests, e.g. by phone or from physical stores.

Backend Gift Card Redeems

Furthermore, with the latest Gift Card / Certificate extension Magento admins are able to apply gift card codes to new orders from the backend, as well. This way, they can both sell gift cards and sell products using gift card codes from the backend.

How It Helps

This functionality widens your chances to accept and process offline gift card requests and allows you to improve provided services. Below we’ll enumerate just several cases you can take advantage of this functionality in:

  • Let customers purchase and use gift cards offline;
  • Let customers check their gift card balances in one call;
  • Create corporate gift cards with specific features;
  • Allow customers to restore lost or stolen gift cards.

3 Big Bonuses You Lose If Your Support Period Is Inactive

aheadWorks support

Being our regular reader or visiting our blog now and then, you may notice that we mention the ‘support period’ term frequently and often in relation to updates and new module releases. We encourage customers to extend the support period and check its status (it should be active), but you probably wonder – why on Earth you should do that. I’ll tell you what benefits you receive with an active support period.

1. Free access to 3 most recent extension versions

We constantly add improvements, major and minor, to our products. By default, with the basic price of an extension you get 90 days of the product support. Once it ends, we recommend extending it. Upon support period renewal you obtain free access to 3 most recent product updates including new versions that come out during the period. With inactive support period the list of versions available for downloading does not get updated and technical support isn’t provided.

50% price cut on all our extensions upgrade

It might have come to your attention that Magento has officially announced that its support for Professional Edition will not be around for much longer. And yet, we’ve been receiving a lot of positive feedback regarding our decision to move on with PE continuing to support our PE customers.

In response to an escalating anxiety – that we have been witnessing for a while now – regarding the upgrade possibility for the would-be legacy PE version, aheadWorks is coming up with a swift and delicate solution: a smooth transition to Magento’s superior product – Enterprise Edition. We reply to your doubts with a considerable 50% price cut on all our extensions upgrade as well as additional 10% discount for the migration process.

We will make sure the process runs smooth and steady, making your transition as effortless and painless for you as it is only possible. Within 70 to 120 working hours, your PE will be history while you will be facing a brand-new world-class product – the Enterprise Edition. Your input is as little as letting us know which PE version you are running, what information you’d like to keep, what looks you’d like your EE store to have and the list of extensions you are currently using.

Let me guide you through the whole process, reply any of your questions, provide all the relevant information on the subject and just be your single contact point for all Magento-related inquiries.

Kindly reach out to me directly via email: krukovsky@aheadworks.com or skype: max.krukovsky.

Max Krukovsky
Lead Account Manager at aheadWorks

Keep track of updates – less pain, more gain!

Here at aheadWorks, we work strenuously and try to plan our working day carefully to fulfill all the tasks on time. That’s why we understand you perfectly well, when you have not enough time to follow all the updates of our 59 Magento extensions, especially if you are interested only in four-five modules installed on your store.

Sometimes, when the information is not important enough to be thoroughly investigated right now, people think “I’ll revert to this later”. And they never come back because the information flow is too fast – the fresh news ousts the previous one.

Now you should not be afraid of losing some important information on update if you missed our newsletter or had no time to check the latest tweets. Just go to your Account page in our Magento extensions store. Here at My Downloadable Products, you can find the Changelog link which leads to all blog posts about your purchased extension. So you can easily find the list of new features implemented in the latest version as well as view the improvements made from release to release.