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Magento Online User Guides

Magento continues to improve consumer service standards and recently provided users with HTML User Guides for Community and Enterprise Editions.

A few months ago we highlighted new Magento Community User Guide and its great new features. Today we’d like to tell several words about the new format of guides presented by the Magento content department in HTML.

Magento HTML User Guides

Magento HTML User Guides

Magento Community Edition and Magento Enterprise Edition online user guides have some nice advantages over the PDF documents that preceded the novelty. Now you can refer to Magento User Guides via your browser and experience all the perks available online.

Responsive Layout

The guides have three display modes specially designed for desktops, notebooks, and smartphones. So, you can browse them on any device without any distractions. The only difference is that on desktops the navigation sidebar appears on the left, while on notebooks and smartphones it is hidden.

Advanced Navigation and Search

The main convenience of the HTML versions appears when you fall to the navigation, which is now much easier and comfortable. Navigation options are just multiple, but let’s get started from the very beginning.

The left navigation sidebar comprises three dedicated tabs: Contents, Index, and Glossary. The Content tab logically displays all Magento topics grouped by the functionality areas. If this is you first journey through Magento, start it just here. For a consistent trip use the “next” and “previous” buttons in the upper-right corner of all pages.

New Magento Community Edition User Guide Overview

Some time passed since the latest Magento Community Edition version was released and recently we got the updated Magento Community Edition User Guide, which is absolutely indispensable for new comers and, perhaps, for more advanced platform users.

Now we are keen to know about the changes made in this book. Running ahead I can assure you that the changes are truly considerable.

Of course, the latest guide covers, except other topics, the new functionality added to the Magento CE 1.9 ver., but the changes made to the Guide are much deeper.

Magento Community Edition User Guides Comparison

For the starting we’ll compare just several clearly conspicuous differences of the design, table of contents, and structure.

The recent edition of the guide is more than twice longer than its predecessor and contains 714 pages totally, while the previous guide was only 296 pages long. The doubled volume seems to be comprised of not only new feature descriptions, but a greater number of pictures, as well. This makes the guide more readable and comfortable to go through.

Design and Structure

The new design is more advantageous and colorful, contains new graphical elements and text formats.  For the sake of usability most contextual hyperlinks are now text links instead of URLs.

The headers not only contain names of topics, but current chapter numbers and their names, as well. The footer is also changed and highlights the name of the book on each page of the guide. It may seem excessive, until it is looks more dignified.

The structure of the book is reworked and changed considerably. The latest version is more market and Magento store owners oriented, when the previous versions were focused on features and functionality.

The new logic of the structure is mostly based on fronted operations and selling concepts, what makes users change the angle of their perception and discover more “what for” exists one or another functionality, rather than “how it works” and “how it can be configured”.

Now, let’s drill down to the table of contents and compare specific chapters of two guides.

‘Functional Testing Automation for Magento Developers’ Free PDF Guide

Pay with a tweet to download the guide for free (1.0 MB)!

Any Magento extensions developer inevitably faces a situation where he gets overwhelmed by the number of product updates and the necessity to test each release.

With adding new products and following the regular updates of the Magento platform itself and the relevant online services (payment methods APIs, for instance), the amount of manual labor required to keep your extensions up-to-date gets really enormous.

But we’ve got good news for you: this labor doesn’t have to be manual! Contemporary technologies allow you to shift that burden to automated entities.  Let a robot ensure top-notch quality of your products; a robot that never gets tired or bored, never loses focus, and… doesn’t get paid!

Wanna know how? Make sure you download the ‘Functional Testing Automation for Magento Developers’ whitepaper.

Peter Samoilov, CTO at aheadWorks, and Andrey Ivanov, Lead Test Automation Engineer, are eagerly sharing our company’s own experience. The important thing is that this PDF guide provides steps on how automated testing is performed here, at aheadWorks.

This reading is primarily intended for developers and QA specialists and covers:

  • General principles of testing automation
  • Employing a Continuous Integration Server
  • Setting up a proper environment
  • Some hints on recommended tools and utilities

Whether you will adopt this model or a similar one for your own development workflow or solve the matter in any other way, you will certainly find a couple of useful hints and practical advice.

Pay with a tweet to download it for free (1.0 MB)!

NOTE: Find one more bonus prepared for a careful reader inside the guide. 🙂

You can also:

Group Deals User Guide is ready to be downloaded!

Group Deals
Learn More

We are happy to share wonderful news with you – the release of the Group Deals User Guide. Group Deals is a fantastic way for those online merchants who want to organize collective purchases process.

User Guide gives you all the necessary information with illustrations and descriptions. You can learn how to:

A separate section is assigned to the way your customers can view all their deals on the frontend.

To download the User Guide as a PDF document, please visit the Group Deals page.

Place Facebook Like button anywhere you like

We are happy to announce the release of the Facebook Link User Guide which enables you to make your website more social. Using this Magento module, you can place the ‘Like’ button as well as the ‘Facebook login’ button anywhere on the site to promote the store among your customers’ Facebook friends or simplify user registration and sign-in.

The guide walks you through the extension configuration and explains the basics of creating a Facebook application. It also reveals how to put Facebook buttons at custom position on any page you like.

To download the User Guide as a PDF document, please visit the Facebook Link page.

Help Desk Ultimate v 2.8 makes the work with tickets easier and faster

The Help Desk Ultimate extension is a turnkey solution for Magento-based websites. It’s a perfect customer care and support Magento module with an efficient case tracking and resolution system indispensable for a successful e-commerce business.

Help Desk Ultimate v.2.8 is packed with new features that will help you make the work with tickets easier.

New features in this update include:

  • Email rejecting patterns functionality implemented
    The Help Desk Ultimate Magento module is empowered with email rejecting option, which helps to configure the incoming emails and omit creating tickets from auto reply messages or spam messages.

Give discounts to the invited customers with Refer a Friend v. 1.4

Improve your sales enabling your customers to refer friends to your store. In return, reward the referrers with percentage or flat discounts. Get the expanded and greatly improved Refer a Friend Magento extension v. 1.4 to benefit from a viral advertising.

With a bunch of great improvements implemented recently, there are more reasons for the Refer a Friend Magento module to be a ‘must-have’ plugin.

New Features:

  • Give a bonus to the invited customer
    Now you can reward not only the referrer, but give discounts to the customer who makes a purchase after being invited by another customer, or for any other activity on your website.

Reward your customers with real money

Reward your customers for activity in your store with real money! Newcomers and returned users can earn points for registering a new account, purchasing goods, writing product reviews, inviting friends to join your website, etc.

In turn, customers can make use of their reward points as cash discounts! Now it’s real with Magento Points & Rewards extension from aheadWorks.

Have a closer look at the Points & Rewards User Guide to learn more about the reward points, how customers can earn and spend them or check out their current balance.

This user guide focuses on the main Magento Points & Rewards module settings as well as gives you the detailed and illustrated description of the following features:

  • various reward options types;
  • rule creation abilities;
  • referral system;
  • advanced notifications;
  • balance & transactions control;
  • ability to change points balance from the backend.

Download the guide right now from the Points & Rewards extension page!

RMA User Guide now available for Download

Magento RMA extension is an efficient method of controlling the return or exchange of the items sold to customers. The module ensures visibility and tracking of the item until the transaction is concluded.

Today we are happy to announce the release of the RMA User Guide which will assist you in providing the highest standards of customer service. This user guide introduces you to the main Magento RMA module settings, and gives you detailed and illustrated description of the following aspects:

  • Creating RMA request from frontend & backend

    You can find the examples of adding RMA requests by guests, registered users, and store administrators.

  • Controlling and editing pending requests

    Our User Guide explains how the admistrator can edit RMA information, including customer’s return address and the quantity of returned items, and define the request options.

  • Managing request types and statuses

    Find out the way of creating new RMA types and statuses. By default, there are two request types and six RMA statuses, but you can easily add more according to your store requirements.

  • Printing “Return Shipping Authorization” labels

    RMA requests which have the “Approved” status require registered customers to print a label with return address and other information. See step-by-step instruction for creating the label that should be enclosed with a returned package.

To download the User Guide as a PDF document, please visit the Magento RMA extension page.

Taking advantage of online booking for Magento

E-Tourism Frontiers CEO Damian Cook pointed out that approximately 56% of travel is now booked online. No wonder! Booking has never been so easy before. 24-hour booking facility, process simplicity, less time consumption – it is only the beginning of the list of online booking advantages.

Looking at the needs of entrepreneurs for whom booking-related services is the crux of their business, aheadWorks Co. introduced Booking and Reservations for Magento – a feature-rich extension that helps you efficiently manage your booking and reservation work.

Today we are glad to announce the release of the Booking and Reservations User Guide which will assist you in configuring different booking products:

  • Prague Walking Tour
    You can find an example of a daily reservation product with excluded recurrent day of week.
  • Hotel Room
    A room can be reserved for 2 persons with ability to specify reserving date and time. Several single days are excluded and price rules are specified.
  • Specialists Accepting
    An example of product with custom options available for booking on time basis – from Monday to Friday 10.00-19.00.
  • Tickets
    Tickets can be reserved for a certain time during specified period.

Download the Booking and Reservations User Guide from the extension page:

Facebook Link User Guide released!

The Facebook Link extension by aheadWorks is intended to help you promote your online store among your customers’ Facebook friends. To turn this easy-to-use software into effective advertisement tool and be one step ahead of your competitors, we advise you to avail yourselves of the Facebook  Magento Link User Guide.

The User Guide provides exhaustive information on the Facebook Link module:

  1. Introducing Facebook Link
  2. Facebook Link Configuration
  3. Creating Facebook Application
  4. Facebook Link in the Frontend
    • Fast login with Facebook
    • Fast sign up with Facebook
    • My Account Page

Thus you can learn how to set up the Facebook Link extension and create Facebook application quickly and easily. You are also able to trace each customer’s step from the moment of logging in to your store (which form to use – Fast login with Facebook or Fast sign up with Facebook, how to allow/refuse from publishing posts on the Facebook Wall, etc.) till the moment of what and when will be published on the Facebook Wall.

Moreover, the User Guide explains how to make some certain information displayed on the Wall – details about items purchased, link to the store or to the product bought – and whether to use predefined variables or insert a link itself.

To download the User Guide as a PDF document, please visit the Facebook Link page.

Advanced Newsletter User Guide is available for downloading!

We are happy to announce that the Advanced Newsletter User Guide is available for downloading now! The User Guide is intended for the Advanced Newsletter extension users as well as for those who only planning to purchase this aheadWorks software.

This User Manual aims to explain in layman’s terms how Advanced Newsletter works. It introduces you to the software settings and gives you detailed and illustrated description of the following aspects:

  • Advanced Newsletter configuration
    This Guide will help you to escape any difficulties while setting up the Advanced Newsletter extension.
  • Managing segments
    Find out how to add new segments and edit the existing ones. From this section you will learn how the default subscription works as well.
  • SMTP configuration
    The User Guide describes how to create and configure a third party SMTP server.
  • Auto-managing rules
    If you don’t know how to set up auto-managing rules, this section is exactly what is worth reading.
  • Managing subscribers
    Learn how to edit, add new and synchronize your subscribers with MailChimp.
  • Customer’s subscriptions
    With this section you will be able to look at the extension work from customers’ point of view.

Download the Advanced Newsletter User Guide right now from the extension page!

Advanced Menu User Guide released!

The Advanced Menu User Guide is designed to help you get the most out of the wide functionality available to you in the Advanced Menu extension. The Guide introduces you the essential features of this aheadWorks module and provides instructions on Advanced Menu configuration.

Being at the same time step-by-step software manual and the illustration of menu types’ appliance, the Advanced Menu User Guide will definitely become your partner in setting up Advanced Menu for your online store.

Please feel free to download the User Guide in PDF from the Advanced Menu page.

Help Desk Ultimate 2.6 with User Guide released!

The new version of the Help Desk Ultimate extension offers you advanced multistore support! Now with a new possibility to create multiple email gateways you can add as many gateways as you need. Moreover, you can assign these gateways to departments what gives you an ability to perfectly tune your support workflow and considerably reduce time on tickets managing.

One more feature which makes work with tickets more flexible is ticket priority. This new option allows you to specify the level of ticket urgency when you for example, reassign ticket to other department. With status changes history feature you will be able to trace the history of all communications!

Tired of spam emails? The improved anti-spam system of Help Desk Ultimate 2.6 can secure help desk departments from losing on unwanted messages processing. Stop the flow of unsolicited emails and receive the help desk tickets only!

Check out other features we’ve prepared for this release

New features implemented in Help Desk Ultimate 2.6:

  • Advanced multistore support
  • Multiple email gateways support
  • Advanced Product Questions extension integration
  • Improved auto-submitters protection
  • Incoming mail attachments support
  • Tickets priority
  • Offensive ticket ID filtering
  • Variables parsing in departments templates
  • Status changes history
  • Tickets grid view speedup
  • SQL queries optimization
  • “Total” field in departments statistics
  • Multistore support for departments statistics
  • New log format – database instead of files, with ability to see the logs in admin grid
  • Log auto-clearing
  • New data storage algorithm
  • External ticket view is now single-column
  • Cron processes start control system, helps to avoid server overloads

The following bugs have been fixed:

  • Memory limit bug
  • 100% php load in some cases while receiving messages from gateway
  • Bot protection sometimes treats human as a bot
  • “Headers already sent” error
  • Some template files are not compatible with disabled PHP short tags
  • Tickets are not auto-assigned to departments in some cases
  • seed.phtml is not IE8 compatible
  • Wrong email for tickets parsed from Product Questions
  • Wrong date appears if ticket status was changed from the list view
  • Simple filters are very slow
  • Minor security fix with attachments
  • Creation of new tickets from email can’t be turned off

As you can see Help Desk Ultimate has become even more flexible and a bulk of new possibilities has been added. That’s why we’ve developed Help Desk Ultimate User Guide which will help you to set up this aheadWorks extension maximally efficiently for you online store. In the Guide you will find out how to manage departments and tickets, learn how to integrate the Product Questions extension and standard Magento Contact Form, get the illustrated description of gateways and cron configuration, and much more.

To download free User Guide in PDF and find more information about Help Desk Ultimate, please visit the extension page.

Advanced Reports User Guide

A report is a snapshot of your business. Properly generated report is a forecast of future sales trends. Unfortunately the native Magento Sales report doesn’t allow you to make a thorough and detailed analysis of your selling activity. But with the Advanced Reports extension by aheadWorks you can have a better insight into your sales performance.

Advanced Reports are similar to native Magento reports and no special training, knowledge and efforts are required, but we have still developed and released “Advanced Reports” User Guide as a sign of careful attitude to our customers. From the Guide you will learn how to set up the extension and configure charts according to your needs, you will find the step-by-step description of each report making and the customary set of images completing the whole picture of the extension settings.

You can download the User Guide in the PDF format and get more information about the extension from the Advanced Reports page.