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Embed video on the product pages of your Magento store

Video Module is a free Magento extension from aheadWorks which allows embedding video on the product pages. Just input the HTML code in the “Video” tab of the Product Information page in the backend and enjoy a movie appeared in “Additional information” section of the product page in the frontend.

Today we release the 1.1 version of the Video Module extension compatible with Magento Enterprise Edition and Magento Community Edition 1.4*.

Find more information about this free Magento module on the Video Module page.

By the way, if you want videos to be uploaded and rated by your site visitors, and your store to be promoted in YouTube – have a look at the Video Testimonials extension.

Video extension for Magento

Video Module Box

Another highly required thing for Magento – a Video extension. Despite it’s quite straightforward to create an attribute and use it, many people would like to see this functionality “out-of-box”. We decided to explore this possibility and start development of a video module. What we have now is a very simple code that adds a tab in the product configuration interface and allows to enter video embed-code. We’d like you, Magento users to contribute your ideas and needs and help us create a useful and poweful module.

The development has been started basing on this thread:

Waiting for your comments!