Five tools and one performance management method

able to enhance your sales funnel


How to sell and track results efficiently

Date: March 15, 2018
Time: 5-00 PM (GMT)
Lasting: 30 min
Organizer: Aheadworks

Dmitry Shatkov Dmitry Shatkov, Aheadworks Chief Content Officer
Artem Kuznetsov Artem Kuznetsov, Aheadworks Product Owner

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This webinar is going to be useful for:
  • Those who believe that success is impossible without comprehensive business analytics and consistent sales management;
  • Startups, developing, and mature businesses looking for the ways to discover and implement new business tactics and approaches.

During this webinar, we are exploring an effective and applicable approach to ecommerce analysis from the perspective of sales funnels.

Short contents

  • Clearly describe your business with static and dynamic models of sales funnels
  • Level up your benchmarks with sales performance indicators and parameters
  • Make clear vision of your performance with right analysis and management tools
  • Drive more sales with intensive and extensive funnel enhancements

For our purposes, we are going to involve the concept of static and dynamic sales funnels that make it possible to closely monitor your current business results and exploit the opportunity to consciously increase sales.

The analysis tools we use in this presentation, allows you to effectively track the above process, give a wide-angle vision of your current performance, and make it possible to increase sales.


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